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Neda Roodaki (43) was born in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. She studied computer science and was inspired to sell computer parts as part of her very first businesses, writes Prof. JJ Tabane

She became interested in beauty because her mother was a beautician and academic who wrote no less than 30 books on the subject. She was raised in a family that was not alien to beauty, hence she got attached to that industry, culminating in what she does full time now as owner of a beauty parlour in Sandton.

Nedas’s dad was an army pilot in the Iranian air force. She believes that she has her dad’s ”army discipline” and her mother’s creativity. She was raised during a difficult time, mostly during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war. When I asked her about what the protracted war was about, she said that the reason for the war is a haze in her mind. This may well have been a metaphoric answer. She was born two years after the revolution and so most of her childhood was spent during the war. It didn’t make things any better that her dad was in the army, as they had to move around a lot as a family. They never settled in one place and moved from one army camp to the next.

Neda has one brother and two sisters, and she is the youngest. Her one sister is a psychologist and the other a housewife. Her brother is a businessman based in Dubai. After her sister settled in South Africa, she joined her to get divorced. Her experience with relationships has been rough. She was married for 10 years and has been divorced since 2011.

The reason for her divorce was a forced or arranged marriage. As a result, she had no experience of any other man, as she was married at the tender age of 17.

The healing

When she settled in South Africa, she became involved in a relationship that changed the trajectory of her life. Her boyfriend cheated on her when they were already close to getting married. She was destroyed by the experience, leading her to depression. Ironically, this is how her healing career was born. She needed to heal herself. She was destitute and could not even afford medication until one of her friends recommended a healing method called, body talk.

After six sessions of body talk, she stopped shaking and was soon back on her feet. This is why in 2016 she decided to study with an American institution to become a Riekie Master (an energy healing expert), who uses ‘energy chakras’ in your body. Chakras are like energy fields that define your body. We have seven chakras in our bodies:

  • Root chakra
  • Sakra chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Third eyes chakra
  • Crown chakra

These chakras receive energy from the universe and communicate it to your body. Healing is essentially a balancing of the chakras. 

Prof. JJ Tabane is the Editor of Leadership Magazine.

Neda specialized in various kinds of healing:

Sound therapy

The way the body heals by sound therapy, vibration, and frequency. This frequency takes you to the alpha level of consciousness. At this rate, you are between sleep and being awake. The body is made of 80% water. Sound therapy changes the water formula in your body. This is called easy water H2O—H4O2—The healing water.

Crystal therapy

Each stone carries energy from the earth. The stones have seven different colours linked to the chakras.

Body Talk

This is a tapping system. Head, heart, and gut. This heals the consciousness level in your body.


Healing using a sense of smell. A different fragrance produces different frequency and therefore different results.


Acupuncture involves five points on the body linked to different organs. Acupuncture unblocks the energy.

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine.

A note of healing….

People can be healed emotionally and physically through these healing methods.

Knee problems are very common—they are stuck in a situation where they can’t go forward. The knee represents that fear.

Neda owns a beauty and healing practice called, Neda Beauty and Healing, which is based in Sandton. She works with skin problems, body contouring, and eyebrows. Neda has been a sponsor for the Mr and Miss South Africa competitions, providing all their beauty requirements. Neda built this business over 10 years from humble beginnings of working in her kitchen to moving to a fully-fledged practice in Morningside in Sandton.

Neda is also an artist— she paints in her leisure time. She started out when she was 14 years old. Jahle Zlaper, a big artist in Iran, trained with her for four years. She gave up painting while going through depression, but eventually resumed it here in South Africa.

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