COEGA A Pioneer in the Black Industrialist Programme
The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) recently welcomed the forty-first (41) operational investor in the Coega Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Kenako Concrete, R71million concrete
16 Nov 2017
SENDING YOUR CHILDREN TO STUDY ABROAD As a father of three girls, aged between 8 and 13, and with a baby boy on his way, financial literacy and planning for the education of my children is something that is very important to me. Amongst my clients, I have also noticed over the years that it is fast becoming a trend for those who have the means, to send their children to study overseas as they seek to provide their children with the best possible education.
The 2017 Knight Frank Wealth Report found that nearly half of the respondents with clients in Africa (47%) strongly agreed that wealthy families are choosing to send their
16 Nov 2017
EDUCATION TRANSFORMS WOMEN INTO INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS As a young girl growing up in Apartheid South Africa, one of the most significant gifts my parents bestowed on me was an understanding of the magnitude of education and the value of hard work. Since then, this immeasurable insight has been the guiding light by which I have navigated my way through my life and career.
While I have never once lost sight of the immense value of lifelong learning as a door opener for all individuals, I was recently reminded of just how significant education is for
15 Nov 2017
SUPERCOOL CARLO Last year, I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to interview Carlo Ancelotti, one of the world’s leading football coaches. He has a golden pedigree and had won everything there was to win in the most challenging environment of European professional football.
He had first won the prestigious European Champions League whilst coaching AC Milan at the tender age of 42. He had gone on to coach my beloved Chelsea FC, here in England, Real
15 Nov 2017 - S. r.
WHAT LEAN MANAGEMENT CAN DO FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co, based in Columbus Ohio, notes a saving of US$28 million, following the incorporation of Lean and Agile practices into its IT system. This company serves as a great case study for how both local and global companies can improve their bottom line by incorporating the Lean Management System.
The Lean Management System is a way of thinking that influences the way we work, engage with others and deliver to the customer. The main goal of lean thinking is to maximise
15 Nov 2017
SMART CITIES INNOVATION WINNERS ANNOUNCED ATTACQ and LaunchLab Smart Cities Innovation Winners Announced
The six winners of the ATTACQ Smart Cities Innovation Challenge were recently announced after a strict adjudication process. The winners receive incubation support from the
15 Nov 2017
TORBJORN CHRISTENSSON IS IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL Volvo Trucks South Africa has been one of the star performers of the long-haul industry in recent times, boasting top sales figures in the extra-heavy long market in 2016, due to their advanced safety features, fuel efficiency and after-sales services
2017 has seen a fierce battle for top spot between the Volvo FH and the Mercedes-Benz Actros, two of the most advanced trucks on the road. But The Volvo Group is not only
15 Nov 2017
LEARNERSHIPS A light in the dark of South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis
Of the 10 million South Africans between the ages of 15 and 24, 56%* are unemployed. However, according to Sigal Geva, Premier Hotels & Resorts’ Chief Operating Officer
14 Nov 2017
PFE INTERNATIONAL PFE International rides out the storms during 2017
British Investment Group, PFE International, which has invested hundreds of millions of rands in Durban-based Van Dyck Floors, Hammarsdale based PFE Extrusion and tyre recycling
09 Nov 2017
OVERCOMING THE FINANCIAL HURDLES Overcoming the financial hurdles of freelancing and owning a small business
A Cape Town-based freelancer recently shared an aha! moment about money management on social media. While working at a popular music festival, some distance from the nearest town,
09 Nov 2017
THE POWER OF PROXIMITY Entrepreneurial- extraordinaire Lesley Waterkeyn invests in the power of proximity
Lesley is the Founder and CEO of Colourworks. She is responsible for setting the company’s vision, strategy and intended direction. She also plays a huge role in inspiring
08 Nov 2017
WHEN THE DEATH BELL TOLLS Will they be paying back the money? They, being Bell Pottinger, who unashamedly charged a 100 000 monthly retainer to cause havoc in South Africa with a white monopoly capital smear campaign bankrolled by Gupta millions.
The irony of a non-South African family investing in a lily-white international reputation management firm to campaign against white businesses in the country is almost too much
08 Nov 2017 - R. l. R.


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