Tomorrow's Leaders Convention 2015 Overview A brief look at what happened at TLC 2015
Overview of Old Mutual Tomorrow's Leaders Convention held at Emperors Palace on 20 March 2015. The leadership convention and conference was streamed live on CMTV.
21 Apr 2015
INTERNATIONAL CITIZENSHIP Residence or citizenship in exchange for an economic contribution
Mobility has always been part of mankind. Historically, people believed that the citizenship you are born with is what you have for life, unless you formally emigrate.
17 Apr 2015 - N. R.
RIP Collins Chabane (1960-2015) Leadership pays tribute to the late Collins Chabane, whose sudden death sent shockwaves through government and the country as a whole
Public Service and Administration Minister Collins Chabane, who died in a car accident on March 15, was a man of astute character, according to President Jacob Zuma, who led the
14 Apr 2015
LOAD SHEDDING SME survival guide for load shedding
Load shedding is here to stay, so every small business needs to take steps to protect its systems and data when the lights go out as well as from power surges when electricity is
14 Apr 2015 - D. B.
INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS Leadership looks at the changing face of newspapers in South Africa
All around the globe, major newspapers are reeling at the effects of new media and new reading habits. Major legacy publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times
14 Apr 2015 - C. W.
PRESS RELEASE Data, Analytics and Action
Are you a data-driven marketer? Can you confidently say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which components are bringing you the greatest return along the specific stages of your
14 Apr 2015
TOURISM Talking responsible tourism in China
Deborah Calmeyer is a woman on a mission.  As a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and CEO of ROAR AFRICA, a luxury travel company offering handcrafted experiences in
14 Apr 2015
MEN IN THE MAKING DAY 110 corporates guide 1000 boy learners in one day
Over 110 business leaders and government jumped aboard a powerful career and life skills project today in a bid to tackle gender-based violence and unemployment. Decision makers
26 Mar 2015
MEDIA RELEASE Do you suffer from dysfunctional analytics?
An informed decision, is a better decision. By using the right analytics, you can put intelligence into action helping you increase profitability, enhance productivity and deliver
10 Mar 2015
PRIZE WINNERS Yale announces 2015 prizewinners
The Windham Campbell Prizes announced today its third round of prizewinners, chosen confidentially in three categories –– fiction, nonfiction, and drama
10 Mar 2015
MAX DU PREEZ The (pale) native who caused all the trouble
Read our exclusive, far-reaching interview with Max du Preez in the March issue of Leadership magazine. This controversial, hard-hitting journalist, columnist and commentator is
24 Feb 2015 - D. C.
MARK SHUTTLEWORTH Shuttleworth's Ubuntu smartphone is a leap ahead
Nearly 30 000 people contributed to the crowdfunding drive to develop the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone running the Ubuntu Unity OS. It showed people were hungry for something new.
24 Feb 2015 - S. P.


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