Boom and bust Dr Thuthula Balfour-Kaipa, head of health at the Chamber of Mines, on mine health and safety, women in mining and the challenges going forward
The bedrock upon which South Africa was built – amid much blood, sweat and tears – the mining industry is subject like no other to significant peaks and troughs. When
02 Feb 2016 - D. C.
Insidious assumption and bigots Outrage over racism is good, but risks forcing us into our comfort-zones
I took my kids to a waterslide several times during the recent holidays. It was a sunny, splashy place with families soaking up Vitamin D while burning off energy, and not an Xbox
02 Feb 2016 - W. S.
Talking the talk It's all about good communication
Interested in having an improved business operation this year? Start with your communication! I have read many books that in my opinion overemphasize the need for communication
02 Feb 2016
Consumers Do yourself a favour …prove Hitler wrong
Consumers can do themselves a favour by proving Adolf Hitler wrong. The opportunity is presented by anti-consumer developments in contemporary South Africa and the actions of
02 Feb 2016
Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership Good leaders never stop learning more about themselves and their environment
The current business environment is fast-paced and constantly changing. It requires courageous business leaders who are driven by purpose and passion to navigate organisations to
02 Feb 2016
Facilities Management The 3rd way and how to save costs – A must read for CEO’s & CFO’s
Whether your  business  operates  from  a  single large facility, or numerous sites across  the  country, you will likely be responsible for
12 Jan 2016
The people you meet in business-travel hell Don't infringe on my clean-air rights!
We middle-class citizens mostly meet folk like ourselves, who can drop a few bucks on organic milk or Tim Noakes-approved salami. But interactions within those cosy bourgeois
11 Jan 2016 - W. S.
Read this column before it’s banned! Our attention spans are changing how we communicate
Wearing my hat as a media trainer (there really is a hat. It has feathers, like the one worn by Tintin’s swashbuckling ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock), I try to explain the
11 Jan 2016 - W. S.
It’s okay to take the pith Words mean what we want them to mean
If you have any interest in words you probably know the work of Lucy Kellaway, a management columnist for the Financial Times. Her caustic, wry look at business fads and jargon is
11 Jan 2016
In praise of social isolation and the sea Big on social media? For some perspective, get out where you’re small and salty.
Pictures paint a thousand words and cartoons – especially good ones – can tell a whole lot more than that. So it’s a pity that those pesky copyright rules mean I
11 Jan 2016 - W. S.
When ego Trumps tolerance Your self-belief can inspire others or merely make you unbearable
In Michael Crichton’s (pronounced “CRY-tin,” yeah?) Jurassic Park, David Attenborough’s character, John Hammond, says: “You’ll have to get used
11 Jan 2016
Arise, Tomorrow’s Leaders The Tomorrow's Leaders Convention
The biggest show in town, the Old Mutual Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention (TLC) is now only a few months away, and the time to get your nominations in is now. The seminal
07 Dec 2015


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