Five-star chef pays it forward Leadership sits down at the chef’s table with Executive Chef, Terrence Ford, to talk about his unique initiative to uplift youth from impoverished communities and why the hospitality industry needs to pay it forward
The old Chinese proverb has it that if you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Much the same principle, it
10 Nov 2015
PRESS RELEASE Theo Ndindwa is inspiration in motion
Theo Ndindwa, internationally recognised dancer and choreographer, and Executive Director and Co-Founder of iKapa Dance, is a man on a mission. His aim? To
03 Nov 2015
TEACH THEM WELL Leadership puts the spotlight on higher education in South Africa–the good, the bad and the ugly
“You have all become complacent with this rubbish we call education. You have become institutionalised by keeping a dysfunctional system afloat.” Professor Jonathon
03 Nov 2015
THE FRANCIS EFFECT “Rock star” Pope Francis’ compassionate leadership style is shaking the Catholic Church to its foundations
‘Who am I to judge?’ When Pope Francis spoke these words two years ago, in reference to the question of a gay priest who “seeks the Lord”, much of the
03 Nov 2015
BREAKNECK Dave Rowley, one of the brains behind the attempt to break the land speed record on the desolate, flat plains outside of Upington in 12 months’ time, writes exclusively for Leadership about this incredible project
The Bloodhound project has been driven by project director Richard Noble OBE who was himself a World Land Speed Record (WLSR) holder in 1983 with Thrust2 that achieved (1
03 Nov 2015
TRANSPORT Metrorail Transport readiness a priority for the peak season
Metrorail trains have been delayed more than usual as a result of the torching of carriages at the Cape Town station this week. I have today written to the Western Cape Regional
27 Oct 2015
PRESS RELEASE GFIA Africa announces this year’s top 30 innovators
GFIA Africa is comprised of a two-day conference and exhibition aimed at facilitating dialogue between all players involved in the agricultural value chain with a view to
27 Oct 2015
MEDIA RELEASE Get past the “what” to the “why” of true personalised customer engagement
2015 has definitely been the year where the notion of “Data, “Customer Intelligence”, “The Internet of Things”, “Digital Transformation”
27 Oct 2015
MEDIA RELEASE Lying to protect your business
Corporate lying has a disastrous effect on an organisation’s reputation. The communication management profession is under fire with recent worldwide corporate scandals. Prof
22 Oct 2015
GFIA AFRICA GFIA Africa announces Conference line-up for 2015 Event
The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA Africa) is pleased to announce its 2015 Conference Programme for its debut African edition, to be held in KwaZulu-Natal from
21 Oct 2015
YOUTH AND AGE The desire to maintain our heritage cannot be achieved in a draconian manner; it cannot be enforced, it can only be engendered
In his foreword to The Colour of Our Future: Does Race Matter In Post-Apartheid South Africa? David Scott quotes the great nineteenth century artist and socialist William Morris.
21 Oct 2015
CONVERGING ON GREATNESS Convergence across industries is resulting in the rapid emergence of new business models as well as substantial investment opportunities that are turning Africa into the continent with the greatest opportunities around
There’s something highly democratising about sitting around a table with a group of strangers, from different industry backgrounds, and sharing ideas in the name of creating
21 Oct 2015 - S. L.


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