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1.3M YOUNG AFRICANS LEARNT CODING DURING AFRICA CODE WEEK 2017 Continent-wide skills development initiative on track to achieve target of 5 million youth trained well ahead of 2025 deadline
With an ambitious target of training half a million African youth between 18 and 25 October, Africa Code Week again this year exceeded all expectations by empowering 1.3 million
05 Dec 2017
PITCH AND POLISH Pitch and Polish
The Pitch & Polish platform is designed to give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their ideas brainstormed, tested, and challenged. Through the course of the day
26 Oct 2017
EMBRACING DIGITAL LEARNING Majority of SA employers not ready to embrace digital learning
Technology has completely revolutionized the world, these days handheld devices and laptop computers are must-haves, and digital apps are the new buzz words, yet, despite the
24 Oct 2017
THE ROLE OF EAP IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT Workplaces are often the arenas where human beings spend much of their time in the course of their lifetime. The contract an employee concludes with their employer is, thus, underpinned by a number of expectations, not least of which is the fact that workers have an expectation of safety in the workplace and employers have a legal responsibility to keep the workplace safe.
When traumatic events occur, these can adversely affect employees at all levels, including management who have multiple roles of managing the safe-functioning of the workplace,
10 Oct 2017
DRIVING THE SKILLS TRAIN SETAs provide South African industry with an invaluable stream of skilled individuals ready to add value to the economy. Leadership spoke to Zukile Mosheshe Mvalo (Deputy Director-General: Skills Development Branch of the Department of Higher Education and Training) about the challenges and opportunities within the SETA sector.
What have been the challenges for SETAs in the last year? In confronting challenges of the country, as enunciated in the National Development Plan (NDP) such an unemployment,
29 Aug 2017
IF YOU TREASURE IT, YOU WILL MEASURE IT If your business means the world to you, then you really have to show it how much you care
Strategy. Every business has one, or at least some version of one. Ask them what it’s based on and their answers can be quite surprising; often there is no substantial
01 Aug 2017 - R. M.
PART SIX OF OUR 'TALENT WAR SERIES' How to win the war for talent: Harness the power of data and talent analytics
The final installment of the six part ‘talent war’ series focuses on the strategic power of data analytics within the HR talent management lifecycle… ‘Big
06 Dec 2016
THE OPEN LEARNING GROUP (OLG) OLG—making a difference in a skills-scarce Southern Africa
“We want to make a real difference by enabling individuals to realise their career dreams through quality education, thereby contributing to building a better educated and
29 Nov 2016
BUHLE MIRANDA GOSLAR Director of Customer Intelligence, Jumo
Been there: At the coal-face, face to face with the customer, without no separation provided by time, space or technology, a merciless but most effective training ground for
05 Sep 2016
Dr Bonginkosi Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training Gwebinkundla Fellix Qonde, Director-General, Department of Higher Education and Training
The past year must have been extremely challenging for the Department. What have been the challenges that have been most difficult to deal with, and what was your approach to
19 Aug 2016


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