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HOW COMPETENT ARE YOU? Social media is fast becoming a core competency for leaders, but how competent are you?
Business leaders' audiences - their customers, competitors and employees alike - live and breathe social media. In our hyperconnected culture, social media is the glue that allows
07 May 2018
MISSION CRITICAL Visible leadership is mission critical
According to the Facebook Power of Pride survey, people want to work for a company that makes them proud[1].  Their personal value is linked to the value prescribed to the
21 Nov 2017
CUSTOMER SOCIAL MEDIA Playing the customer service social media game to win
Much has been written about using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, for customer service – especially as social, unlike traditional customer care
31 Mar 2017
CEO'S HARNESSING THE NEWS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA CEOs harnessing the news via social media
Globally, there are an ever-increasing number of CEOs and other management executives with their fingers on the pulse of social media.  According to Matthew Barclay, Area
27 Mar 2017
GRANULARITY AND SINGULARITY Are we forsaking emotional eloquence for the sake of keeping up with the speed of information and the rise of dangerous buffoons with stupid hair?
While the world’s news focus hangs on Donald Trump and Brexit, locally yet another racist diatribe has been caught on camera. The social-media villagers have gathered with
26 Jul 2016 - W. S.
Internet Marketing Summit Discover the best Internet marketing techniques from the world’s top experts
What is the Internet Marketing Summit? The Internet Marketing Summit is 2 days of easy-to-understand teaching on how to start and market your own internet business. You
24 Feb 2016
TEACH THEM WELL Leadership puts the spotlight on higher education in South Africa–the good, the bad and the ugly
“You have all become complacent with this rubbish we call education. You have become institutionalised by keeping a dysfunctional system afloat.” Professor Jonathon
03 Nov 2015
SMEs Five social media pitfalls that SMEs should avoid
Social media is a powerful tool for the small business owner. It can help you to build customer relationships, improve your search engine optimisation, and create a buzz about
21 Apr 2015 - S. C.
BUSINESS Social media means more than just business in Africa
There is a reason you can access your Facebook account in Afrikaans, or Kiswahili, a language spoken across east and central Africa. There are 100 million active African users on
23 Sep 2014 - S. P.
Lack of legal frameworks for social media challenged New precedents to be set by Lord McAlpine's libel charges on twitter users
While legal codes across the globe have battled to keep pace with the explosion in the electronic social networks and platforms over recent years, cyber space has become a bit of the ‘Wild West’.
07 Dec 2012 - P. C.

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