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Education Leaders in science and medicine are inspiring change
Today, the buzzword in leadership is “transformation”. Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where the leader, along with their team, is able to
09 Oct 2018
ALISON FREE EDUCATION PHENOMENON GAINS MOMENTUM IN SA With 93% of the world excluded from formal tertiary education, the system has to change, says visiting CEO.
With over 100,000 enthusiastic learners in South Africa, and plans to launch local learning centres and a new mobile app, international free online learning
01 Dec 2017
ELASH MISTRY, AFRICA’S FIRST BLIND ACTUARY IS AN INSPIRATION Growing up with a disability can either make or break you, depending on how you let it affect you. One of the blind pioneers in business is Africa’s first blind actuary, Elash Mistry, Old Mutual’s Team Leader, who recently completed the longest and most difficult degree offered by any university.
The highly intelligent Mistry had no free rides on his way to the top, having to work twice as hard as his able-bodied colleagues while using the latest technology to help him
02 Nov 2017
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Female cleantech entrepreneurs making a difference
South Africa recognizes the value of adopting a greener, more sustainable development path and the key role of green technologies to stimulate economic growth, create new job
29 Aug 2017
TRANSFORMING AND INNOVATING SOUTH AFRICA'S SCIENCE A senior lecturer in the Department of English Studies at Unisa, Dr Naomi Nkealah’s passion for feminism was born when she was still just a teen and, growing along side it, is her lifelong love and commitment to research and academia
“I became a feminist the day my father told me I could not learn to drive, only because no daughter of his would drive his car. I was 19 then and had just finished high
03 Aug 2017
GIRLS WHO LOVE SCIENCE The bad news is that the maths and science skills we need for South Africa to grow stronger economically are seriously lacking. The good news is that young girls have a far higher interest and aptitude for science and maths than we realised
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women comprise 48% of the US workforce, yet they make up just 24% of STEM workers. In other words, half as many women are working in STEM jobs
12 Oct 2016
BIG ON DATA Dr Merrill van der Walt, Data Scientist at Strate, knows all about big data
What does the public need to know about big data in financial markets? Big Data adds an extra dimension of intelligence to the financial markets. It has the capability of
15 Aug 2016
EXPLORATION South African astronomy is at the forefront of new discoveries with the opportunity for unprecedented space exploration
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project being built 80km from Carnarvon in the Northern Cape is pushing South Africa closer to the forefront of exciting astronomical discoveries
18 Jul 2016
At only 25, Mthatha-born scientist Siyabulela Xuza, who has often been referred to as the new Mark Shuttleworth, had a planet named after him.
13 Mar 2014
SOUTH AFRICA Science can help solve our problems
The answer to the world’s most pressing problems can be solved by science, but people need to be educated about it, says 2012 Nobel Prize winning physicist Professor Serge Haroche.
20 Jan 2014


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