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ALEX CRAWFORD In next week’s Leadership magazine: an exclusive interview with Sky News’ Alex Crawford
Sky News Special Correspondent Alex Crawford is one of the most recognizable faces on television in the world. This four-time winner of the Royal Television Society (RTS)
14 Jul 2014
YESTERDAY'S HEROES The cult of celebrity sportspersons is widespread, but what constitutes a worthy hero, role model and leader?
On 7 April 2000, police in New Delhi charged Hansie Cronje and three other South African cricketers with criminal conspiracy. Fourteen years later, to the day, Oscar Pistorius
15 May 2014
PISTORIUS TRIAL A country on trial
As the trial of Oscar Pistorius enters its fourth week with no end in sight, South Africa is being forced to confront some ugly realities, writes Laurie Claase, author of the book Pieces of the Puzzle.
04 Apr 2014
Violent crime in South Africa The Pistorius case and others are reason for deeper reflection
South Africans generally seem to think that harsher punishment, starting with the refusal of bail for accused and a return of the death penalty, will curb the country’s high rate of violent crime
05 Mar 2013 - P. C.
Oscar and the media Has Oscar Pistorius made alternative media mainstream?
That the media landscape, particularly for the dissemination of news, is in the midst of a sea change is not only illustrated by the ‘Oscar Pistorius story’, but is also accelerated by it.
05 Mar 2013 - P. C.
Oscar uses his kitty to stay out of the kitty When setting aside can help getting out of being locked up
As we reported in a previous article, Paralympian and Olympian Oscar Pistorius earned big money from sponsorships and should have built up a substantial personal kitty.
05 Mar 2013 - P. C.


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