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SYRIA CONFLICT Setting the record straight
With the release of another video, showing the beheading of an American journalist, Steven Sotloff, held hostage by the Islamic State (IS, also variously known as ISIL, or ISIS),
07 Oct 2014
Politics are moving fast towards election mode What is said between now and 2014 is all aimed at the national election outcome
The next general election in South Africa is still over thirteen months away but the country is already fast moving into election mode.
04 Feb 2013 - P. C.
Conflict in Mali Another chapter in a never-ending war
The north of Africa has suddenly become the hottest theatre where the global war on terror is being fought.
29 Jan 2013 - P. C.
Violence and freedom of speech South Africa is an example to the world
The violent protests, triggered in more than 20 Muslim countries by a video produced in the United States insulting Islam, have led to a re-evaluation of interpretations of the principle of freedom of speech
08 Oct 2012 - P. C.
The impact of troublemakers Islamophobia increases tensions
The senseless decision by a daft individual to ridicule one of the major religions in the world has had repercussions beyond imagination.
27 Sep 2012 - G. C.


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