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LFP is moving mountains Transformation becomes relatively easy to implement if it is led by a transformed and motivated individual as is the case at LFP
Transformation becomes relatively easy to implement if it is led by a transformed and motivated individual as is the case at LFP, which has a youthful CEO who exudes passion for
17 Jul 2019 - B. M.
Motivating the right way How to Motivate Your Employees the Right Way
Motivation is one of the most precious business resources and one of the greatest challenges a leader will face. Motivating employees is equal parts art and science, and you would
27 Jun 2019
Advocate Leslie Sedibe keynote address at the SMME Opportunity Roadshow held at Emperors Palace on 6 May 2015. Leslie Sedibe is an admitted advocate of the High Court of South
23 Nov 2017
PART FIVE OF OUR 'TALENT WAR SERIES' How to win the war for talent: measure and manage employee engagement
Part ‘five’ of our talent war series provides a range of methods to assess and boost the engagement and motivation levels of employees... Employee engagement is one of
22 Nov 2016
WHEN THE AXE FALLS We all fear that moment when the axe falls, either through financial cutbacks or the passing of time and becoming redundant in terms of your ability or skills. Picking yourself up after being let go is essential for your survival… especially as it could lead to the best times of your life
For most people today it may be impossible to avoid retrenchment entirely. Your choice of career does not do it, nor does your education level. Even Raymond Ackerman was
01 Nov 2016
BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES Increasing candidate trust in the assessment process
Here are 4 simple guidelines to help a candidate feel comfortable with the process of psychometric assessments… The use of psychometric assessments is highly regulated in
27 Oct 2016
SWIMMING UPSTREAM A story of grit and determination to succeed
Born and raised on the Cape Flats, Shirley never allowed her past to dictate her future. She proved that the typical story of a girl from the Cape Flats – that of
02 Dec 2015
INTERNATIONAL CITIZENSHIP Residence or citizenship in exchange for an economic contribution
Mobility has always been part of mankind. Historically, people believed that the citizenship you are born with is what you have for life, unless you formally emigrate.
17 Apr 2015 - N. R.
COLUMN From explaining to experiencing
You don't need to explain things; just be. You don't need to explain life; just live it. We are far too invested in explanations and, in that, we are disconnected from simple knowing.
22 Apr 2014


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