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The Future of Learning in Higher Education Embracing change is the key to success
Professor Thengani Ngwenya, Director of the Durban University of Technology Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching In the fast-faced world of today universities play an
08 Jan 2020
BOWLINE SECURITY: The Cyber Knot Business and government leaders should be paying closer attention to various cyber threats, as the cost of recovery can often outweigh the cost of safeguards. Bowline Security is dedicated to working with public and private sector stakeholders to address this “new” danger to society.
Cyber threats change frequently as technology evolves. Today, four kinds of security threats are particularly prevalent at the moment. “Advanced, persistent threats can be
06 Dec 2016
FREE AT LAST? Price (and who should pay) is the dilemma facing leaders in higher education in South Africa
A word – this can be defined as ‘a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others, or sometimes alone, to form a sentence and typically
12 Oct 2016
Higher education in South Africa post 1994 Higher education in South Africa is positioned to make a powerful contribution towards the development of people, both at an individual and group level
Since the dawn of the South African democracy its higher education system has been altered in many ways. Changes in structure as related to the merging of existing public higher
10 Nov 2015
TEACH THEM WELL Leadership puts the spotlight on higher education in South Africa–the good, the bad and the ugly
“You have all become complacent with this rubbish we call education. You have become institutionalised by keeping a dysfunctional system afloat.” Professor Jonathon
03 Nov 2015
Higher education institutions' autonomy under threat Amendment act open to constitutional challenge
The Higher Education and Training Laws Amendment Act, finalised in November last year, is almost certainly open to constitutional challenge, according to Advocate Jeremy Gauntlett.
11 Jun 2013 - P. C.


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