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AGRICULTURE-AND-SKILLS-DEVELOPMENT South Africa’s greatest challenge is the yawning gap of the Gini co-efficient
South Africa’s greatest challenge is the yawning gap of the Gini co-efficient in a society in which the haves increasingly have more and the have nots make do with less and
10 Mar 2020
RENEWABLE ENERGY Renewable energy, a win today and tomorrow
With many environmental threats lagging around, particularly climate change which is caused by emissions from coal power stations and other pollutants. It is imperative to
13 Feb 2020
Water is Life H2O
W12 Congress is not another talk shop or trade show but rather a dynamic partnership that is action-oriented and results-driven, culminating in the creation of the W12 Framework,
09 Dec 2019
NEWSMAKER No meat for thought
A SA businessman who advocates eating less meat to reduce global warming at the recent International Youth Summit in Sandton raised quite a few eyebrows.
18 Oct 2013
World Economic Forum report ahead of Davos 2013 Wealth gap, government debt and climate change a dangerous mix
The globe is under increasing risk from the confluence of a growing worldwide income gap between rich and poor, persistent government deficits, climate change, water shortages and aging populations.
22 Jan 2013 - P. C.


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