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MISSION CRITICAL Visible leadership is mission critical
According to the Facebook Power of Pride survey, people want to work for a company that makes them proud[1].  Their personal value is linked to the value prescribed to the
21 Nov 2017
THE RISE OF FAKE NEWS 5 Ways to bolster brands against the rise of fake news
Fake news is a growing force shaping politics, economics, the media and society at large.  In what is now being evermore frequently referred to as ‘the post-truth
15 Jun 2017
CUSTOMER SOCIAL MEDIA Playing the customer service social media game to win
Much has been written about using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, for customer service – especially as social, unlike traditional customer care
31 Mar 2017
LEADERSHIP READS Inspiration from Facebook COO
It started off with something inspiring, motivating and exciting. When I started reading Lean In For Graduates, written by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, I
02 Jun 2014 - N. H.
Lack of legal frameworks for social media challenged New precedents to be set by Lord McAlpine's libel charges on twitter users
While legal codes across the globe have battled to keep pace with the explosion in the electronic social networks and platforms over recent years, cyber space has become a bit of the ‘Wild West’.
07 Dec 2012 - P. C.


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