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SA’s Tech Startup Ecosystem R130 Million Venture Capital Fund to Stimulate SA’s Tech Startup Ecosystem
In the United States, the impact of the venture capital and tech startup ecosystem has been enormous, with revenue from venture-backed companies reportedly representing over 20%
29 Jul 2019
Preserving aquaculture amidst various barriers and environmental threats Successfully securing investment in technological advancement will help to develop the aquaculture industry in South Africa
In turn, it will contribute towards an economy that builds sustainable livelihoods through big business, employment creation and extended nutrition. The Centre Director of the
26 Jun 2019
EVOLVING AN ECOSYSTEM OF VALUE The future of banking and investments
The financial crisis in 2008 left an indelible scar on the banking and investment environment worldwide.It resulted in a significant increase in regulations and increasingly
04 Jun 2018
SOUTH AFRICA JOINS GLOBAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY Cape Town to host and welcome the first City.AI event for 2018
Global non-profit organisation City.AI welcomes South Africa as a new member of its City.AI community. The NPO gathers artificial intelligence (AI) practitioners on a quarterly
20 Mar 2018
MTN Business Rewards MTN Business is committed to strengthening its partner ecosystem
MTN Business is committed to strengthening its partner ecosystem with the launch of a new Partner Programme and official recognition of its top channel partners.
15 Sep 2016


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