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DEFINING THE ZUMA YEARS Though Jacob Zuma was no saint when he ascended to the presidency, he managed to convince most observers that he was a man more sinned against than one who was sinning
It did not take long for President Zuma to transform in the public’s eyes into the typical ‘Big Man’ African leader, driven by corruption. He managed to cling to
15 Mar 2018
RAMAPHOSA’S NEW DAWN Reward professionals to play major part in Ramaphosa’s new dawn
The prosperity and equality of the nation’s workforce – alluded to in the recent State of the Nation address by President Ramaphosa – is in large part determined
19 Feb 2018
THE R50 BILLION RAND QUESTION Will the Finance Minister increase the VAT rate?
The question on everyone’s lips ahead of the Budget Review is whether the Minister of Finance will announce an increase in the VAT rate,  and if so, what that increase
19 Feb 2018
A DIGITAL TALENT EXCHANGE IS BORN Gig Economy disrupts status quo, presenting an opportunity for Africa
Freelancing has found a new name in the digital era. A ‘Gig’ is simply a task performed as a once-off freelancing job, but because the trend towards freelancing has
30 Jan 2018
WHERE ARE ALL THE BLACK AFRICAN PROFESSIONALS? Not a lot has changed. Back in 2009, studies were conducted and reporters took to the debate on the transformational barriers inhibiting Cape Town. Today, in 2017, we are in the same place.
The same because there isn’t a business in Cape Town that reports gains in attracting and retaining black professionals. There are no case studies to show how it has been
08 Jan 2018
MERSETA Facilitating skills development
Everybody’s talking about the revolution—the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which machine to machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are converging with the
02 Nov 2017
DRIVING RETIREMENT INVESTMENT STRATEGY IN A LOWER-RETURN ENVIRONMENT What should trustees be considering to generate sufficient returns for their members?
South Africa currently finds itself in a whirlwind of uncertainty - impacted by a variety of macro- and micro-economic factors that have resulted in lower returns for members.
31 Oct 2017
DECISIVE ACTION URGENTLY NEEDED FROM ANC QUARTERS - ZUMA MUST GO, AND SOON Statement by Andre Venter, spokesperson of the trade union UASA:
Whenever Pres. Jacob Zuma announces a Cabinet shuffle there’s blood on the proverbial floor of the economy.  Minutes after his announcement earlier today the
19 Oct 2017
BUSINESS PREPAID Is it even a thing?
We are all aware of the crunch our economy is facing.  We’re all being told to tighten our belts and businesses are really starting to examine ways to do that; and
28 Sep 2017 - H. K. -. D. a. F.
TRANSFORMING AND INNOVATING SOUTH AFRICA'S SCIENCE A senior lecturer in the Department of English Studies at Unisa, Dr Naomi Nkealah’s passion for feminism was born when she was still just a teen and, growing along side it, is her lifelong love and commitment to research and academia
“I became a feminist the day my father told me I could not learn to drive, only because no daughter of his would drive his car. I was 19 then and had just finished high
03 Aug 2017


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