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CAPITALISING ON RECESSION South Africa’s economy has seen better days
“South Africa’s economy has seen better days. With the addition of the Corona virus outbreak, the current state-of-affairs is not looking promising. Exploiting this
20 Mar 2020 - I. R.
MAZDA SOUTH AFRICA Mazda South Africa aiming to go from strength to strength in 2020
Changing the way South Africa sees vehicle manufacturers There is no hiding from the fact that new car sales in South Africa have taken a hit over recent years. Although the
10 Mar 2020
MILLENNIALS What retailers need to know to attract the upcoming generation of big spenders
Millennials make up 27 per cent of the South African population, translating into a buying power of 14 million people.  As the upcoming generation of big-spenders,
06 Mar 2020
DSES PROJECT SOLUTIONS From R2 000 a month to major South African player
David and Melanie Swartz from DSES Project Solutions are proof that hard work, dedication, and a people-first focus can take any business to the top All businesses have to start
02 Mar 2020
COVER STORY Visionary or villain?
In July 2020, Amazon will be celebrating 26 years since its founding. From a small warehouse of books and a basic online domain, a kingdom has been born. But what are we to make
12 Feb 2020
Financial Service Providers Financial Service Providers Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Africa’s Informal Sector
The International Monetary Fund estimates that the informal sector contributes approximately 38% of Sub-Saharan Africa's GDP[i]. Additionally, the International Labour
19 Nov 2019
Poverty Extracting the roots of poverty
Despite the fight to eradicate poverty being a daily battle, a special day –17 October, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty–has been set aside to
30 Oct 2019
The purpose of business Business has not always covered itself in glory
“Law is to justice, as medicine is to health, as business is to _________?’’ This is the opening line of an article on the purpose of business titled Toward a
22 Oct 2019 - P. O. S. / D. o. R. B. S.
Fast forward South Africa’s SME sector come 2030
Between today and 2030, the digital revolution will profoundly change how small business owners in South Africa operate, attract funding, grow their businesses and change our
09 Oct 2019
Publisher's Note The Attention economy
The one question lingering in my mind for sometime now, is how many of the leadership magazine readers actually read the publishers note, put otherwise do people actually read
19 Aug 2019


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