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Cranefield leads in 4IR education Disruptive key enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, cobots, robotics, and augmented reality are the cause of major organisational transformation and change in the Industry 4.0 economy
This inexorable change demands comprehensive reshaping of leadership, management, governance, and business models. Moreover, it requires collaboratist leaders and cross-functional
27 Jan 2020
Project management acumen A catalyst for organisational success in Industry 4.0
The world is witnessing a profound transformation and change in all areas of private and public corporate life in the Industry 4.0 economy. Organisational and private lives are
08 Aug 2019 - P. P. S. / C. C.
Cranefield College Entrepreneurship Course
Effective entrepreneurship results in the creation of a profitable business. It leads to assembling and coordinating physical, human and financial resources, and applying
26 Jun 2019
Cranefield College Advanced Diploma in Project Management
The purpose of the Advanced Diploma in Project Management is to provide the opportunity for project management practitioners to deepen their knowledge and understanding of project
09 Apr 2019


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