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Tshego Sefolo Building an agile empire
Resourceful businessman, founder and CEO of Agile Capital, Tshego Sefolo, exemplifies the belief that success hinges on hard work, tenacity and the ability to recognise
26 Jun 2019
New Appointment Announcement Mr Warrick Gibbens – Power Generation Leader
Mr Warrick Gibbens has been appointed as the Power Generation Leader for Cummins Southern Africa Regional Organization as of 1st April 2019. He was previously the Technical Sales
31 May 2019
Cummins Zambia grows its range at CAMINEX 2019 Cummins Zambia grows its range at CAMINEX 2019 by launching new agricultural and automotive products
Cummins, a global power leader and corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service diesel and natural gas engines and related
31 May 2019
Preparing for Generation Z Preparing for Generation Z in the Manufacturing Sector
Many critical manufacturing topics warrant priority attention from the sector’s stakeholders, yet it seems some significant and hard-pressing issues remain overlooked. In
20 May 2019
What leads to CEO wrongdoings? What are the pressures faced by CEOs and what are the opportunities afforded to CEOs to commit wrongdoing
What are the pressures faced by CEOs and what are the opportunities afforded to CEOs to commit wrongdoing, and transgress the line separating right from wrong in legal, ethical,
23 Apr 2019
In the business of funerals and family Edwin Anderson, the founder and CEO of Zororo-Phumulani, discusses funerals, finance, and helping the people during one of the most emotional periods of their lives
Anderson was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the early 1980s to a driver and a janitor. Life wasn’t easy and his parents struggled to afford schooling. Anderson says that
11 Apr 2019
Opportunities for women entrepreneurs Microsoft Azure data centres launch offers opportunities for women entrepreneurs
The launch of two Microsoft Azure data centres in South Africa presents opportunities for women entrepreneurs, says Verve Digital MD Charlene George. Microsoft opened two data
29 Mar 2019
The importance of believability and your personal brand By Brian Eagar, CEO of TowerStone Leadership Centre
Have you ever Googled yourself? Try it – type in your name and surname, press enter, sit back and see what the World Wide Web knows about you. Here’s the thing: every
28 Mar 2019
Electronic Toll Collections, Mr Coenie Vermaak Resilience, communication key to surviving negative public sentiment
Leadership in business by broad definition is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organisation to “lead” or guide
30 Jan 2019
Africa's Leading offgrid solar business Evolution II fund closes US$41 million funding round into D.Light, Africa's Leading offgrid solar business
Inspired Evolution, an Africa-focused investment advisory firm that specializes in the clean energy sector, led a US$41 million equity investment by its Evolution II Fund and
29 Jan 2019


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