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EMBRACING CHANGE The man behind Pyrotec is a self-confessed autocrat who has learnt to change his management style, inspire his team, and steer his company through the rise and fall of the economy, the turn-around of SA’s political landscape, the explosion of technology and shifts in consumer expectations
Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Pyrotec, a privately-owned and managed business that was established in 1966 and continues to offer industry-leading product
10 Oct 2017
VALUING INTERNAL DIALOGUE One of my favourite quotes regarding employees is still that of an American oil-well fire fighter, Red Adair who hit the nail on the head when he said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
How do you turn your business into a professional company that clients invest in, instead of hiring family or friends fresh out of varsity? When speaking at a conference recently,
10 Oct 2017
BLUEKEY SEIDOR OPENS NEW OFFICE IN ZAMBIA Bluekey Seidor opens new office in Zambia, accelerating growth in Africa
The fastest growing SAP Business One partner in Africa, Bluekey Seidor recently acquired Cirotech in Zambia, extending the company’s reach with an office in
03 Oct 2017
THE BROLL PROPERTY GROUP Since its formation, the award-winning Broll Property Group has expanded its global footprint across African borders and, together with its subsidiaries, adds value to countless investors and businesses throughout Sub-Saharan Africa
Established in 1975, the property services company was initially based solely in South Africa. After the 1994 elections, they took the decision to expand beyond South Africa,
28 Sep 2017
BUSINESS PREPAID Is it even a thing?
We are all aware of the crunch our economy is facing.  We’re all being told to tighten our belts and businesses are really starting to examine ways to do that; and
28 Sep 2017 - H. K. -. D. a. F.
PROFILE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR Jack and master of all trades
Establishing a small business is the most rewarding – and challenging – career move you could make. But the freedom of being your own boss comes with a number of
21 Sep 2017 - V. H.
DOORS OPEN IN MINING FOR LEADERS TO MANAGE SOCIAL RISK The growing focus on managing social and environmental impacts in the male-dominated mining sector is creating entirely new fields of opportunity for female professionals and leaders like Vassie Maharaj, who is now a Director, partner and Principal Consultant in stakeholder engagement and social risk management at the highly respected SRK Consulting, based in Johannesburg
In EY’s 2016/2017 top ten business risks for the mining and metals sector, the social license to operate ranks fourth on the ranking. Maharaj’s contribution as a
13 Sep 2017 - S. B.
A CALL FOR ACTION South Africa needs a leadership standard
When we consider the current problems in organisations and society in general, it is evident that we face a leadership vacuum in business, government and society. While we can
08 Sep 2017 - M. M.
TOWERING SUCCESS Atlas Tower has made impressive strides in South Africa
Four years after expanding from the USA into Africa, Atlas Tower has built an enviable reputation for delivering reliable, robust infrastructure for cellular networks at an
31 Aug 2017
BEATING THE STAKES Coaching your team to thrive under pressure
When you are fighting for national pride, backing down is not an option. But how do you turn the pressure into grit when the stakes are so high? South Africa is an especially
31 Aug 2017 - B. E.


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