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The World Bank World Bank Asks Innovators to Solve Top Three Agri Challenges Facing Africa
Did you know that investing in agricultural development is up to three times more effective for reducing poverty than doing so in any other sector? With countries in the Southern
01 Apr 2020
CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF 20/20 VISION Looking forward through the lens of four decades of history
Hollard is delighted that they will be celebrating their 40th anniversary—especially in such an era of elation and anticipation—the year 2020. Since its inception, the
02 Mar 2020
MEETINGS AFRICA Meetings Africa’s growing impact on business tourism
Meetings Africa is having an increasing impact on business tourism in South Africa and into many other African countries, according to Shaun Bird, GM of Sandton Convention Centre,
24 Feb 2020
CUMMINS ZAMBIA Cummins Zambia successfully commissions new coolant plant in Kitwe
Cummins Zambia has completed a coolant plant project in Kitwe on the Copperbelt that received approval from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) in 2019. The
21 Feb 2020
Africa Energy Indaba 2020 The African Renewable Energy Revolution
Africa’s abundant clean energy resources, coupled with new investments in renewable energy technologies, have spearheaded Africa into a clean energy revolution. As reported
30 Jan 2020
Southern Africa Startup Awards Six Startups Represent Africa in The World’s Largest Independent Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Competition
Every year, the very best startups, most influential individuals and top ecosystem players such as investors, acceleration programmes and coworking spaces are selected from seven
17 Dec 2019
Emerging Communities In Africa Green Water Supply For Emerging Communities In Africa
There is a shortage of water in Africa and going forward we need Green and Sustainable Solutions for reducing the shortage. Of all the water on Earth, just 2.5% is fresh water,
02 Dec 2019
Industry 4.0 Africa needs to prepare for Industry 4.0
Africa is forever, going to be a source of raw materials and cheap labour unless there is sustained political will to empower its population–the youth–with information
30 Oct 2019
Mercedes-Benz premier’s new electric vehicle in SA Premium brand premier’s EQC crossover SUV at Smarter Mobility Africa Summit
The drive towards smarter mobility and electric vehicles in particular has just stepped up a gear as luxury brand Mercedes Benz premier’s its all-new EQC model at the
30 Sep 2019
Changing reputations one person at a time What difference are you making?
“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching,” – C.S Lewis We all know it, we’ve all read about it and you’ll be hard-pressed to
13 Aug 2019 - R. L. R.


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