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Five rejected inventions that have changed the world

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It almost seems as though the most important inventions of all time have been the ones which were initially rejected or ridiculed ... the things people would not have thought of buying in the beginning, but today are so much a part of our lives we wonder what we would have done without them! Well, there have been many, but for your fun and general information, here are just 5 rejected inventions that have changed the world!

The light bulb - When Edison was in the process (and for the most part failing) of inventing the light bulb, he was rejected by the British parliament and ridiculed by the British postmaster general. He is now known as the greatest inventor of all time and famous for his quotes relating to ‘never giving up’. Fortunately he never did.

Aeroplanes – The Wright brothers, who eventually flew the first aircraft in 1903, were greatly ridiculed and their efforts to create a machine that defied the laws of gravity were considered frivolous and a waste. Tell that now to the close to 4 billion flight passengers that take to the skies every year!

Computers - Originally actually feared by some (books were written to attest to this), computers were massive machines that required relatively large air conditioned rooms to be housed in and a crew to operate. Even when computers became accessible small units, available to business and the public, their initial reception was cool and they were said to be far too difficult to use. Today with over 2 billion computers in the world and total annual global revenue of around $300 billion, it looks like we’re finally buying it!

Cellular phones – The original ‘brick’, as the first cellular phones are now referred to, was decidedly rejected by most, not convinced that this totally portable, wireless communication device was practical or had a future. Many refused to purchase it and radiation emanating from the device was (and by some still is) feared. Today, according to ‘’ well over 1.5 billion of these devices, that have now become literally a computer in your pocket, are sold annually and it is predicted that over one-third of the world population will own at least 1 cellular phone before 2020! 

Solar energy – Fortunately since the days of Edison (remember the light bulb?) we have vastly progressed with regard to the production of energy in the form of solar energy. Solar Energy is a cleaner, and now cheaper, form of energy than electricity currently generated by means of dirty fossil fuels. And yet it was initially rejected as a superior energy source! Today rental options are available and a solar plant can be installed on the roofs of schools and commercial and industrial properties at no start-up cost, thereby dispelling previously held fears that it is an unaffordable alternative energy source. Wholesalers of solar energy systems, like Zeroth Energy, voted as one of the Top 25 most innovative companies in South Africa by ‘Fast Company’ Magazine, has revolutionised this now hugely accepted industry. Through partnering with and pairing accredited brokers and suppliers to provide ‘no-hassle,’ free solar energy, the face of the energy landscape is now rapidly changing.  

If you agree that solar energy is one of the 5 rejected inventions that have now changed the world and you would like to save money as well as contributing to sustaining our precious planet, contact Zeroth to learn how easy it is to switch to cheaper, cleaner energy.


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