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As the world’s resources and energy needs continue to evolve, WorleyParsons is driving initiatives that help customers meet these needs. The global professional services provider has developed a strategic architecture that focuses on operational excellence, offering all of its value to all of its customers and stakeholders, and positioning the business as a key, dependable player in the new resource and energy world. In South Africa, that means harnessing the company’s mining and minerals processing expertise to support the development of SMMEs as part of its commitment to transformation in the country, and providing support to WorleyParsons’ global mining and minerals projects.

“In times of transition, you need to keep your eye on the end game and navigate the organisation to get there,” says WorleyParsons RSA CEO Denver Dreyer. “Our role as an engineering consultant in a rapidly changing resources and energy market is vitally important. We help our customers to develop their assets but we are also a partner in delivering sustained economic and social progress, creating opportunities for individuals, companies and communities to find and realise their own futures. A project is a major driver of creating employment, not only in the development and execution phase, but also after the project is handed over, and we are committed to developing projects in the most cost-effective, safe and sustainable way.

“We also have a responsibility to meet South Africa’s transformation goals. Companies such as WorleyParsons play a critical role in driving inclusivity and sustainability within the environments in which they operate,” says Dreyer. “We recognise that small, medium and micro enterprises can be key drivers of economic growth and we’re looking at ways we can assist in helping these businesses to grow. There are opportunities for small, black-owned engineering businesses in the coal sector, for example, and we will partner with these companies in a technical capacity to jointly deliver services. By doing so, we can expose these companies to world-class delivery systems and transfer skills and capabilities to enable them to grow.

“A further challenge for many SMMEs is access to project funding. In a world of constrained capital, investors will seek partners that they can trust and are more likely to invest in projects that are backed by a reputable global organisation with a track record. By partnering with a company such as WorleyParsons which has an extensive global presence and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), FTSE 100 and Hang Seng, SMMEs have a better opportunity to obtain funding from international investors who will have the assurance that the project they invest in will be bankable.

“We can also help SMMEs, as well as Tier 3 companies, with tools that can evaluate a resource and identify risks upfront, such as the StepWise process which very quickly and cost-effectively identifies whether or not an ore body or any other type of resource project will be viable or feasible,” says Dreyer. The StepWise process, developed by Advisian, a WorleyParsons group company, provides solid data to enable prospective funders to make strategic investment decisions, with a focus on maximising returns, while minimising and managing exposure to risk.

“In times of uncertainty, investors look for a partner they can trust. WorleyParsons’s reputation for honesty, integrity and ethical dealings is one of its key business assets and a critical factor in ensuring the company’s ongoing success. We are a value-driven organisation underpinned by a strict Code of Conduct to which all our people, partners and suppliers are required to adhere. There is zero tolerance for any conduct that will cause damage to the company or our customers’ assets. Our ethical practices have proven that we have and will stand the test of time and our customers trust us to implement their projects in a transparent, ethical way.

“Our teams also need to remain relevant in an ever-changing world and one of my roles as CEO of our South African operations is to ensure that managers are supporting the project teams so that they in turn deliver their best on projects,” says Dreyer. “As the Centre of Excellence for mining and minerals processing for the WorleyParsons group, we have some of the best skills in these fields in the world. We need to look after and nurture this talent. It is essential to invest in the leadership and skilled resources of an organisation even in uncertain times so that we can retain this expertise and provide support on global projects. In 2017, we invested R1-million in a year-long programme for 40 high potential employees and 25 top management personnel to improve their calibre and develop their potential. At the end of the programme, the high potential candidates were enrolled in various projects across the organisation where they have the opportunity to add value to those projects.

“As the resources and energy landscapes continue to evolve, WorleyParsons will continue to seek innovative ways to reshape our business in order to deliver the best value to our customers,” concludes Dreyer. 

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