by Lizanne Groenewald


New insight into the role of Afrikaans speaking women as household decision makers

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Any good entrepreneur, manager or marketer knows that market research should be the first step to ensure the success of a product or service. Unfortunately, this information isn’t always readily available and when it is available, it can be rather costly to obtain. Even where information is made available at little or no cost, the information is often out of date.

For example, the last Sensus was completed in 2011 and much has changed since the Sensus information has become available. Especially where the Afrikaans speaking woman is concerned, there is hardly any information available.

Early in 2014, Die Dameskring identified a need in market research with regards to the role of Afrikaans speaking women as household decision makers. The organisation launched a research project in order to address this gap in market research and, together with an established market research company, the “Afristaan” research project came to life.

The project focused on purchase behaviour, tourism preferences, purchase preferences, media usage and preferences. Emotional aspects such as the Role of the Woman, the influence of Christianity and also Afrikaans as language was also included in the research. The project was recently completed successfully, with more than 600 women from across South Africa having participated.

Mignon Smit, President of Die Dameskring, said that a lot of interest has already been shown in the research findings. “Many companies and organisations realise that women are often the decision makers in households, especially when it comes to the purchase of everyday household items. This is why we have already had so many enquiries about the research report. The report offers valuable insight to any company or organisation that identifies the Afrikaans speaking woman as part of their target market or audience”.

The findings have been captured in a detailed research document which has been made available to organisations to aid them in their planning processes. Research documents are available from R2000 and enquiries or comments may be directed to

Lizanne Groenewald

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