In a country facing what is commonly termed a ‘crisis of leadership’, the value of aspirational leadership models for future generations takes on an even greater importance. This is the true power of mentorship—to deliver not just a public service but to create a significant social intervention.


With this fundamental point in mind, Redefine Properties proudly sponsors The Mentorship Challenge–with Marc Wainer, a weekly television show that unpacks the notion of social upliftmentthrough mentorship. The show is supported by a microsite, where mentors and mentees make contact and schedule time together. Stories of collaboration and mentorship are incorporated into each episode.

After launching in October 2017 on CNBC (DStv Channel 410), the show, hosted by the inimitable Marc Wainer, Executive Chairman of Redefine Properties, has explored the topic of mentorship, providing an unparalleled, enabling platform for top leaders to create a legacy through shaping the journeys of the budding business trailblazers of tomorrow.

Marc is the perfect host, as he embodies the idea that, even when faced with few resources or having walked a less than orthodox path, one can succeed. And then some! In a country where so many eager youngsters simply don’t have access to resources, raw talent, sheer guts and the guiding hand of a leadership guru can carve a path out of poverty to success.

Since putting out the call to leaders across the spectrum in South Africa to volunteer their time and share their experience, the response has been overwhelming. The commitment of the passionate leaders, creatives and trendsetters that we have in such abundance in this country has been demonstrated repeatedly since last October. Their willingness to donate hours of their valuable time to grooming and guiding future leaders has been overwhelming. The list of leadership luminaries, both endless and diverse, includes sculptors, fashionistas, artists, philanthropists and business moguls. Mentoring participants have generously pledged time to pay it forward and share the invaluable lessons that only a lifetime of leadership can confer. And, they’ve challenged other industry titans to join the cause and proliferate the mentorship hours, so that Redefine has an ongoing, rich resource of masterclasses—through one-on-one sessions available to all aspiring South Africans—that will endure for generations to come.

But The Mentorship Challenge delivers something invaluable for mentors too—an opportunity to give back and make a difference. Thought leaders and captains of industry often work within narrow organisational constraints, inwardly focused on steering the organisation towards growth and sustainability. The Mentorship Challenge remedies this—by taking entrepreneurial insight beyond the boardroom to a place where bright young minds meet seasoned leadership legends in an exchange of ideas and perspectives. The Mentorship Challenge provides the perfect platform for thought leaders to share those nuggets of wisdom, insights and lessons learnt on the path to success that you won’t find in any business manual.

At Redefine Properties, a JSE Top 40 Index-listed Real Estate Investment Trust, they have an ongoing commitment to deliver sustained value to all their stakeholders. Their people-centric strategy is what sets them apart in the property industry. Accordingly, The Mentorship Challenge is a perfect fit for Redefine, as it demonstrates just how people-centricity translates into social upliftment.

The Mentorship Challengeis a true embodiment of Redefine’s brand positioning—‘We’re not landlords. We’re people.’—and their commitment to sustainable social initiatives.They believe The Mentorship Challenge will continue to serve as a catalyst towards creating a culture of mentorship in corporate South Africa, where the mentorship hours accrued will proliferate into an ongoing resource available to all aspiring bright young minds of tomorrow, no matter their background.

Redefine, therefore, invites mentors and mentees across the country to take up the challenge, and sign up to either pledge or register for personal mentorship sessions. Be the ripple in the pond, and help them to drive The Mentorship Challenge to 10 000 powerful hours. 

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