The meaning of Zeroth?

There’s power in a name ...and a name in power


Many people have remarked on the name of our company – Zeroth. It seems it’s a name that very few forget and many think of as being strong and meaningful. Well there was quite a lot behind why it was chosen and the meanings it contains in relation to our world.

Company names have always fascinated me and so I looked into why and how some of the great corporate names have been created. Not everyone hit it first time though. Many company names have been changed as the company progressed, like Xeroxwho was originally ‘the Halloid Company’ and LG who originated from ‘Lucky and Goldstar Co.’ So it’s never too late to change. If you are looking for a name for a new business or a stronger name for your own company, perhaps you will find this article on ‘There’s power in a name ...and a name in power’ helpful.

What makes a powerful name?

There are a few ‘must do’s when choosing a good name, unless you’re fixed on a family name or something that contains only people’s names, like that of a legal partnership. If you want something catchy, noticeable, memorable, or powerful - then try to remember these key factors about great names when choosing your own...

  • Keep it short – Apple, Nike, Amazon – what do they have in common? ...they’re short and sweet. One-word options always have impact, so brevity is an immediate consideration.
  • They make you think – Google and Firefox are just 2 examples of names that make you wonder about their origins. Google is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros (the amount of searches that the originators believed their search engine could achieve) and Firefox relates to ‘firewalls’ on the internet. They are fascinating, functional names.
  • They’re memorable – Who can forget Apple, Amazon or Lego? They are great names, if for no other reason than that you remember them, regardless of whether you hear them a lot ...or not!
  • They’re quirky – Twitter, Facebook, Virgin and once again Google make you smile a little ...and that in itself is memorable, so a nice quirky name is also good. If it also happens to be short, memorable and makes you think - you’re probably on to a winner.
  • They stick – There is one more ‘acid test’ you need to do though before you have decided on your winner – make sure it sticks! Choose a few possibilities when deciding on names and give it a week or two to make a final decision. Which is the one that stuck with you, or your research group? That’s the one you want. That means it’s not only memorable, but probably has a few other key factors going for it too.

A few great names that stuck

Over the years there have been a few good names that have stuck and interesting stories behind their origins:

Yahoo was the name of the filthy, repulsive creatures found in the book Gulliver’s travels. Yahoo’s founders fancied it as a name for their now famous mail carrier.

Coca leaves and Kola nuts were ingredients of the now iconic Coca-Cola. Founder John S.Pemberton preferred the flow of 2 ‘C’s, so changed Kola to Cola.

Apple’s founders thought of Apple as the Biblical ‘fruit of creation’ and how it related to their fruit of creation of new technology. After taking a bite of an apple, they also got the connection between that and computer ‘bites.’

Many come from words of foreign languages and changes of spelling - like the Danish words Leg Godt mean ‘play well’ and became Lego – ‘People’s car ‘ is an English translation of ‘Volkswagen’ later abbreviated to VW – and Reebok is just a different spelling of Rhebok , the African antelope.

A powerful name about energy

Yes there is power in a name – so what were we to call a company that would be all about power ...and energy? A cheaper cleaner energy company that has revolutionized the industry by offering Solar Rental, thereby giving people an affordable way to switch from fossil fuel energy to pure energy generated by the sun?

The dictionary definition of the word Zeroth is ‘coming in a series before the first – the Zeroth level of energy,’ so ‘first’ and ‘energy’ are prevalent. The ‘O’ in Zeroth represents many things to us, apart from obviously being depicted as the sun in our logo (The sun is the sole source of solar energy and therefore the life blood of our business) it is also a full circle that represents our 4 dimensional world.

So, Zeroth Energy originates from the 4 dimensional platforms of energy. The Zeroth dimension of energy is the starting point of energy, which in our world is the Sun. The first dimension is the dimension where energy flows from the sun towards the earth. The second dimension is where our thinking works …and in the way energy flows through our body via blood and through plants via glucose etc… We ourselves are three dimensional beings living in a four Dimensional environment.

Finally, the ZERO in Zeroth fully represents our unique Solar Rental product offering – which when switching to Solar Energy promises:


Engage with me here, or contact us to find out more about how the powerful name you have now chosen can engage with our name in power to significantly improve your bottom line -and be associated with the preservation of our planet!

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