by Linda Nxumalo


Fluor Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Director, Linda Nxumalo is passionate about her career and those of other young women


She wholeheartedly supports the development of women and believes that one should never stop empowering oneself. She attributes her own success to several things, among them, agility, collaboration, teamwork, emotional intelligence, continuous learning and having a strategy.

“It is vital to discover your authentic self and the passion that drives you, and then to strategise around it”, she says. Linda Nxumalo describes herself as focussed; a self-starter and driven. She aims for success and excellence in her career, as well as in her personal life.

“Young women in any position should, once they have identified their passion and planned their development path, open themselves up to creating a synergy between their ambitions, mind set, heart set (conviction) and skills set (capacity and potential),” she adds.

“We need to acknowledge that our inquiring minds will have to learn, engage and become empowered, in order to develop,” she says.

Nxumalo explains that there is a synergy between those factors that drives one; once you have found the balance, your unique excellence shines through and the stage is set for continuous development.

She believes that having embarked on the road to development, one must solicit feedback and be prepared for and open to criticism. In a healthy environment, constructive feedback is invaluable. In her daily role, she is passionate, decisive and solutions driven—a dedicated and strong advocate for women’s development. She does, however, set the bar high and does not entertain mediocracy or any attempts to derail her.

These are lessons she often shares while mentoring others.

Self-awareness is also an essential quality of a successful woman.

“I believe that one’s ability to fully comprehend oneself, one’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and tolerance levels are not only necessary but pivotal. We must be situationally appropriate and agile and be willing to change but we must also be confident to differ if that is what feels right,” she says.

It is a fact that in a leadership position, one is often confronted with curved balls. Learning how to handle them effectively is important, and often the fine line between failure and success.

Nxumalo encourages young women to master the art of communication; effective and open communication is crucial in the corporate environment and is a skill all women should master. Be tactful but speak your mind. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Clearly indicate what you want and what you do not want, so people know where they stand.

In conclusion, Nxumalo stresses that young women should believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Women should learn from their own mistakes and those of others. It’s important to make a concerted and deliberate effort towards one’s development and path. Success is within reach for anyone who follows their strategy in a smart and tireless manner; knowing when to accelerate or modify one’s course.

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