South African Aviation company partners with AVIC

Fly Modern Ark (FMA) is a new airline formed in collaboration with AVIC by a group of senior experts in aviation

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The organisation endeavours to meet the growing demand for consulting services in the prevalent environment of airport and airline privatisation and where there’s a need for an experienced “human resource” with the momentum gained by the privatisation of airlines and the liberation of African skies.

Since its inception, the organisation has executed some challenging assignments in Africa and abroad—and has become one of the leading airport/airline consultancy organisations offering integrated services and often project concept to commissioning services.

“We wish to serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business interests. We attract, recruit and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally. We deliver superior financial results to the investment community while contributing to the community, which we live and work within,” says the founder, Theunis Crous.

FMA’s airline division, together with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), offers its services for the benefit of people living on the outskirts of the cities—from secondary airports such as Queenstown, Ladysmith and others, as well as from rural areas. “We have ten 56-seat aircraft as well as two cargo aircraft, which are able to land just about everywhere, as long as there is a landing strip,” explains Crous.

Routes will be similar to those offered by currently operating local carriers, says Crous, but the difference is that FMA will offer its services in some rural and quieter areas at lower rates.

FMA and AVIC are in the process of booking services for passengers and setting up maintenance and training schedules, and will keep travellers posted, once the aircraft arrive and flight tests are conducted.

“Average prices we will be much cheaper and all flights will not be from ACSA airports,” says Crous. “The airline will fly to rural areas all across the country, as at the moment, eight airports in these areas are not being serviced. With a little bit of upgrading, these airports can be serviced. We can even land our planes on a gravel landing strip,” he adds.

Recently, FMA entered into a successful partnership with AVIC. Crous explains that FMA’s investor was the China Development Bank. FMA acts as the facilitator and local partner for the Chinese government-owned aircraft manufacturer, AVIC XAC, which manufacturers Fly Modern Ark’s aircraft.

It has also obtained the necessary certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority for the AVIC aircraft to fly in South Africa and has submitted an application for an airline license. The company has a purchase agreement with AVIC XAC to buy 12 aircraft: 10 passenger and two cargo aircraft.

“We partnered with AVIC, mainly because of the excellent backup services they offered,” says Crous, adding that China’s Joy Airline uses the same type of aircraft. “FMA owns aircraft, unlike other airlines that lease the aircraft,” he says.

While FMA has some Chinese investors, Crous says the airline is fully South African-owned and run with a strong B-BBEE backing and the investment structure is such that it will be able to offer very low fares on all its routes.

“FMA has a proven track record of delivering excellence in aviation technical consultancy services to its ever-expanding client base, stretching from Zimbabwe to Mozambique. We, at FMA consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, not just in terms of service quality but in all aspects of the business. We pride ourselves in being able to understand the individual needs of clients, we practice the continuous improvement in our systems and quality management techniques and render our absolute best service possible”, concludes Crous.

Fly Modern Ark
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Cell: +2783 994 1169
South African Partners

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