Statement by Andre Venter, spokesperson of the trade union UASA

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UASA extends its sincere congratulations to Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa on the delivery of a much needed State of the Nation Address.

We welcome his statement that all South Africans must take action to improve the country and the way it is run. The time of sitting back and criticise is over. This should be especially salient for those who have been elected and appointed into positions of responsibility.

We are particularly impressed with the following points:

  • Board members of state-owned companies to be qualified and experienced in their fields
  • Separation of the duties of board members and the general management of state-owned companies
  • South Africa’s youth to be the centre of the future, predominantly in terms of education and being given the opportunity to prove themselves in their chosen occupations
  • Doubling the tourism industry
  • Mining to be seen as a sunrise and not a sunset sector, with the mining charter to be finalised in a manner that promotes investment and job creation
  • The Job Summit initiative, Investment Conference, and Black Industrialist Programme
  • Corruption to be rooted out on all levels

Many of the initiatives referred to by Ramaphosa are already in existence, and UASA trusts that these will be built upon with a new fervour and honesty in the best interest of South Africa and all its people.

The positive energy released by the President’s leadership provide South Africa Inc. with the golden opportunity to reach out and to build a prosperous future for all living in the country. We have hope for the future. Let us all seize the moment!

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