Master Money and Win the Wealth Game


The Silver Lining Project will show attendees to the Master Money and Win the Wealth Game conference at Johannesburg’s Monte Casino, how to gain personal empowerment and financial freedom.

The conference will feature the following premier speakers, to share their insights, systems and strategies so you can build the life you have always dreamed of:

  • Ann Wilson: The Wealth Chef will talk about financial freedom strategy and tools to control your money and create real wealth.
  • Andrew Barsa: Wealth Psychology Expert will share his inner millionaire secrets to success.
  • Leon Lategan: Online Business Expert will speak about how to grow your business and strategies to optimize online conversions.
  • CobusVisser: Master Fire Walk Instructor will speak about personal power and the hero’s journey.
  • Tamar Dakes will speak about Your Powerful Life
  • Robin Pullen will speak about the Result Achievement System and MC the day’s proceedings.

According to Silver Lining Project’s Tamar Dakes, the Master Money and Win the Wealth Game conference will be markedly different to the wealth and happiness genre conferences that have become a regular part of the Johannesburg landscape since 2013.

“Over the last four years, events of various kinds have flooded the SouthAfrican market, where speakers have taken to stage to primarily sell,” she says.

“They make us aware of our problems, then just as they are about to give us the solution to those problems, they instead make an offer. The solution now costs R10,000 despite the fact that the attendee has already paid for their seat. We’re here to say that we take a different approach where we add value first and get results second.”

There are only 1000 seats available for Master Money and Win the Wealth Game and tickets are priced to provide strong value right from the start with the following price tiers:

  • SILVER Single seat: R99
  • SILVER Double seat: R149              
  • GOLD: R299 (Seating up front)
  • VIP: R499 (Access to speakers and a light finger lunch)

Tickets are available on:

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