Celebrated business author reveals how to create an employee induction programme that delivers results

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One of the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes is that of maintaining enthusiasm and excitement among employees once they become part of an organisation’s staff. Most organisations are characterized by a dull hum, which reflects the general state of limited motivation among employees. Part of the solution, says Colin J Browne, the author of the best-selling South African business book How to build a Happy Sandpit, is to create raving ambassadors for your organization from the moment new employees enter the workplace.

“We see through our research, that most organisations really battle to create a winning narrative for new employees to attach their emotional hooks to. They start out wildly enthusiastic about their new roles as they join their new employer, but soon get immersed in the dull hum of what is at best, a partially-motivated group of co-workers. Because we don’t use the moments of induction, those days or even weeks during which new employees first experience the organization, to ingrain the best of our philosophical viewpoints in them, they start out without any sense of the organization beyond their operational role,” says Browne.

“The result is that their enthusiasm is worn down by the day-to-day experience,” he says.

Browne believes the key lies in the information we choose to share, which often fails entirely to reflect the goals we most wish to achieve. 

 ·         We tell new employees what we do, rather than why we choose to do it.

·         We tell them what the rules are rather than sharing the philosophical viewpoints that informed those rules.

·         We speak about the operational structure, but fail to speak about the emotional heartbeat of the organization.

·         We share our mission and vision statements as static ideas, when instead we should be describing our view of the future and how they can build their role within that.

·         We describe our Values, but fail to bring them to life with tales of how they have guided us to be authentic and consistent.

On April 7, Browne will lead a seminar in Johannesburg, which specifically addresses these challenges, with solutions for how organisations in attendance can do things better. In the seminar, he will train all attendees on how to use the Happy Sandpit New Employee Induction Framework, which is a blueprint for a more compelling approach to this critical process. Finally, all attendees will receive a copy of the Happy Sandpit Framework manual, so they may begin implementing their own compelling induction process back at their organisations.

Attendees will learn:

·         11 things you aren’t doing right now that will transform your induction process

·         Three ways in which you SHOULD be measuring the effectiveness of induction

·         How to extend the honeymoon period to embed your messages more fully

·         PLUS: Each attendee gets the full Happy Sandpit New Employee Induction Process Framework manual worth R50,000 so you can implement it in your own organisation!

The Happy Sandpit seminar on New Employee Induction takes place on April 7, 2016, between 08h00 and 11h00 at the Hackle Brooke Conference Centre in Randburg. Tickets cost R1595 and space is limited to 100 attendees.

For more information or to book, contact:

Angie Mhlanga


About Colin Browne

Colin heads up Happy Sandpit, a South African organisational culture think tank that helps organisations of all sizes to increase employee engagement, performance and loyalty. He is the author of How to Build a Happy Sandpit, a ground-breaking book based on research conducted with more than 60 South African businesses over several years, on how their cultures drive success. He has lectured at GIBS, Wits Business School, Regenesys Business School and Unisa and has worked with hundreds of South African businesses to understand and implement better engagement techniques. He lives in Johannesburg.

About How to build a Happy Sandpit

How to build a Happy Sandpit takes a unique look at Southern African companies that enjoy exceptional levels of employee engagement and the organisational culture traits they use to achieve that. Rich with stories from some of the region's leading executives, gathered by author Colin J. Browne over the course of two years, there are lessons here for businesses of all sizes, and in all parts of the world.

Southern African businesses operate on the margin between first world and third world economies, making innovation critical to their success. With rapidly changing workforce demographics, innovating ways to achieve employee engagement is the first priority for the best of the best in the region.

The analogy of the Happy Sandpit is used to explain how leading companies in the region build teams that work together well, in the pursuit of a common goal.

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