SD WAN is a revolutionary technology now in africa with FACT

SD WAN & Edge Computing is among towering topics


Today SD WAN, defined as Software Defined Network (WA) is travelling at warp speeds and together with EDGE computing is among the towering topics in the IT Networking Space. With an estimated business of 225 Million $ in 2015, the sale of SD WAN is predicted to reach above 4 Billion $ at the end of this year and crossing beyond 8 Billion $ by 2021; these are estimates predicted by the research firm IDC. Businesses are regularly and increasingly moving to cloud environments with a focus on being mobile first and at this stage there’s a definite advantage of utilizing SD WAN to adapt to the changing landscape as compared to comparative technologies in the market.

Software Defined Wide Area Network is a virtual WAN architecture that facilitates organizations to control and leverage any mix of transport services in order to securely connect users to required applications. In classical infrastructures, WAN’s are comprised of multitude of routers talking to each other on long distances. There is a data and a control plane within each router. The information that is being sent or received is being held in the data plane while the direction of the information flow is being determined by the control plane.

Here, there is an extensive programming required at the control plane with defined rules on how to divert the network traffic data. This is carried out by entering commands into the command line interface of each router. There is an exceeding demand for data with each passing year and real time data is always expected by users. In a nutshell there is an expectation to use software to reduce costs and get the IT work faster and smarter and SD WAN is a great way to construct and manage long distance networks.

Today Africa has one of the most expensive internet worldwide with majority of the population still relying on Mobile Networks. There is a reluctance from operators to invest in long term solutions and with an ageing mobile infrastructure the growth is a challenge and would stay if we do not address this issue. SD WAN offers an ideal solution to take on the requirements of addressing real time applications at an affordable cost while offering a comparatively robust solution. There is cost saving, reliability and easier setup and management in the long term.

With a legacy in training and development across Africa, FACT is launching an extensive training and deployment of SD WAN Services in the Sub Saharan African Region. We are committed to the long-term development of the Telecom and IT Sectors across Africa and are utilizing our infrastructure and expertise to introduce new technologies to the region said Esmail Gani, Managing Executive at FACT. We have made further strides to ensure that up to date technology is available to our partners.

The services would include:

  1. Lab Design and Proof of Value
  2. Planning, Deployment, Integration and Optimization.
  3. Automation Services Agile Development
  4. Training and Development
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