Relaxation of water restrictions

Relaxation of water restrictions following reasonable rainfall and rising dam levels


THE Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the slight relaxation of water restrictions following reasonable rainfall and rising dam levels.

“The Challenge now is to get the message out to tourists and the film industry so that we can revive these sectors,” said Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber.

“Unfortunately the drought and the Day Zero story made people look elsewhere for holiday destinations and filming locations. They may have liked the alternatives so we will have to fight hard to get the business back.”

The easing of restrictions on October 1 means that 50 litres per person per day now rises to 70 litres and the tariffs will decrease by 26.6% for those using less than six kilolitres per month. Those using between 10 and 35 kL will see tariffs drop by 56% while those using more than 35 kL will see a 70% reduction in tariffs.

The tariff for commerce and industry will be reduced by18% to R37.5 per kL.

Ms Myburgh said it was unlikely that water use would return to the old levels once the dams were full as businesses and residents had learned to reduce water use and they had invested in water saving devices, tanks and other measures. “All this puts us in a much better position to cope with dry years in the future. This is the message we need to get out into the world,” Ms Myburgh said.

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