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Axis House are leading Reagent Technology Management experts offering cutting edge mineral processing solutions and since 2001 we have become a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, proudly offering our services to clients across the globe.

Axis House are leading Reagent Technology Management experts offering cutting edge mineral processing solutions and since 2001 we have become a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, proudly offering our services to clients across the globe. The core business of Axis House is understanding the needs of our mineral processing clients and addressing those needs with quality products, people and service. Essentially established from a logistics company to a solutions-focused service provider with specialised expertise and facilities, they have a diversely skilled team including experienced Chemists, Geologists, Metallurgists and Process Engineers.

Research and Development is an on-going process and is taken extremely seriously, and thus Axis House have state-of-the-art laboratories, being a Flotation Laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as a Metallurgical Laboratory in Sydney and a R&D Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. These fully equipped facilities which include milling, flotation, sedimentation, leaching and analytical equipment – allow for the accurate benchmarking of alternate reagent suites against each other, to find the optimal solution for their client’s particular metallurgical conditions. R&D carried out in Cape Town and Melbourne in these laboratories offer a fully complimentary service to existing and prospective clients, to ensure that the most proficient product is specifically formulated for every customer’s specific ore. “Our constant monitoring of the world chemical market means that we bring reagents to our clients as soon as they become economically viable. With a product offering including both mining chemicals and mining consumables centred around problem solving rather than simple chemical supply, our expert team are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation for our diverse clients and their specific requirements. Consistent communication and collaboration with the client is the hallmark of Axis House, and we constantly strive for mutually sustainable solutions based on rigorous trials and data collection.”

Through their commitment to R&D, they have found that the development of mining reagents often requires a broad based approach to innovation which mirrors the complexities of the ore bodies themselves. In this regard, Axis House follow a practical application technology strategy, providing a complimentary suite selection and optimisation service to clients, who are mainly interested in the Axis House developed technology of combining fatty acids, hydroxamates and sulphidisation suites to effectively and economically float oxide minerals. ‘‘Our solution is to develop suites of reagents which will function synergistically and can optimise both the use of the Client’s processing equipment and the selective collecting power of the reagent.’’ This client focussed approach enables the Axis House experts to really listen and understand specific needs, and to develop a detailed understanding of their clients processes and challenges. The desired end result is not to simply offer them an affordable price per tonne of chemicals, but to supply those reagents that will make a tangible difference to their bottom line and provide effective and consistent solutions. “At the end of the day our mandate is to supply reagents that float our client’s minerals at the best possible return.”

As a result of extensive years of experience in the DRC and Zambia, they specialise in the flotation of copper and cobalt; but other minerals have not been ignored. Leveraging a secure African footprint, Gold and Platinum is the next natural progression for Axis House, with a focus on the West African regions. “Geographically, we are also looking beyond Africa, to where there is scope for expansion in the main copper producing regions.” With stock strategically placed they are able to offer continuity of supply, enabling our clients to hold smaller volumes on site, thereby minimising their stockholding on their balance sheet and reducing risk of over stock positions on site. Axis House perform monthly stock takes, check daily consumptions

and keep a close eye on any spikes or drops in consumption to maintain a healthy stock level on site. The Axis House range includes mining chemicals for flotation – including proprietary flotation technology, primary and secondary collectors, the Hydrofroth range of frothers, and sulphidising agents – as well as depressants, thickeners, hydrometallurgical reagents and laboratory chemicals.

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