by Royston Lamond

Publishers Note

Honorary Publisher’s note: Royston Lamond


By any criteria, the 400th edition of any magazine is a hefty milestone. To Cape Media Corporation, it is a source of immense pride.

Leadership was born out of the passion of Hugh Murray, an insightful Journalist, whose deep concerns for the South Africa of a generation ago kept him in avid conversation with the political and business leaders and the groundswell of new people wanting a better country. In 1981, he assembled some of the finest minds to give birth to his idea, and with resounding clarity, steered the first edition to the printers.

For him, it was pioneering work that set a high benchmark in the world of communications. Bold covers, uncluttered and noble; excellent photography; superb layouts; and most of all, confrontational interviews with the leaders, to dig deep into their psyche, and unlock the mood, mechanics and the very essence of how they were thinking. Through Leadership, we also learnt what ambassadors and world leaders were thinking and how it affected us.

Sometimes, stories were so hot that security police wanted to know sources, and the trail of breaking news knocked deadlines off balance. Financial collapses and pick-me-ups were the order of the day. But in its wake, Leadership collected 13 Mondi awards for superb journalism.

As the years rumbled on with the presses kept busy, Cape Media came to the rescue of the Leadership brand, put it onto a sound financial footing, gave it a change of look and collected the most astounding array of awards along the way.

It has become the most highly decorated magazine in the history of South African publications.

To this end, it is appropriate to say congratulations, not only to the current team, but to those who paved the way. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

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