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2020 and Beyond

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There is something magical about the year 2020. It is the start of a magnificent decade which impresses upon us, to aspire and plan bigger than usual about the future. The year 2020 and the ensuing decades will represent a quantum leap towards the final frontiers.

The signs of our time bear testimony to the intriguing excitement of the benefits of the human journey to the stars, signaling a final frontier which is well within reach. Accordingly, “humans have been fascinated with space for millennia, using the planets and stars to navigate, keep time, and discover scientific facts about the universe. Since the 1960s, humans have also been traveling into space and pushing the limits of our technological and physical boundaries with each excursion”. No doubt the next decades will witness the accelerated race to space, with significant technological advancement, greater innovation on Earth and drastic improvement to life as we know it.

It is predicted that this decade will accelerate the rapid rate of global dynamics. Completely changing the power configuration and geopolitics and ultimately the global demographics on the economic landscape. According to BBC, Africa is expected to rise fueled by a growing population of young better educated and connected workers, and surging economic growth supported by renewable energies. China is also expected to sustain its momentum of ascending into a superpower, amassing the world’s vital raw materials and beeing the source of capital for the world economy.

In other parts of the world particularly Europe artificial intelligence will be the driver of key sectors such as financial services, the medical industry and the knowledge economy. The competition for jobs between robots and human beings will intensify. The oil and gas industry might also significantly suffer serious setbacks, thus threatening the middle east economies. Regarding the future commodities, fossil fuels, clean water and data will dominate.

Among others highlights 2020 is acclaimed as the decade of the young old (YOLD) which signifies the retirement yet active years of the baby boomers, a generation that will be turning 65 and above. The magic about the YOLD lies in that they are healthier and wealthier than previous generations, thus not so keen on retirement and still active in shaping and influencing the capital and investment landscape.

As for the quintessential leadership magazine, a year that passes by is another major milestone of leading the pack, breaking new ground and indeed setting the bar higher. Our unwavering quest to unearth pioneering leaders and showcase their success remains unparalleled. While human capital and leadership in particular are the essential propeller of human advancement and innovation, leadership magazine is the zeitgeist personified.

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