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Hands up if you got the US Presidential Election wrong?

People around the globe are now eating slugs, cockroaches and even their own hats after losing that bet. The pundits got it wrong and the media got it wrong... and I love it.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump scares me. What he represents scares me, and the kind of person who we as the public believe him to be, that scares me. Frankly, I don’t know how he was let near a stage after his comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, not to mention his many other disgusting comments about women.

It’s sickening to think that people still think that way in this day and age. But, if we look across the world, a lot of people think a lot different to you and me and them. Some people support the team in red, some the team in blue. Religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, sporting beliefs, even choices in TV series. People believe different things and want different things... and people also want change.

That’s why I finally got excited about the Trump win. It shakes things up, lets people believe in change and makes those in power have to work harder. I took three great lessons from Trump’s win:

I took three great lessons from Trump’s win:

1) Trump talked in pictures in order that people could grasp his message and know what he was all about. ”I will build a wall. We will bring jobs back.” Simple... but clear.

2) Trump denied everything bad... and acted like he truly believed himself. Read what you want into that, but the lesson is that sometimes you need to be positive and keep pushing forward in the face of resistance. Such self-belief is also an incredibly infectious attitude, albeit one that it is often used by the wrong people in the wrong way.

3) Trump put himself on the line, cut corners, slammed into sacred cows, made stupid comments... and painted himself into a corner, from which the only way out can be total success. He wasn’t afraid to stand up and be counted.

All three of these points highlight an incredible self-belief in himself as a man and in his determination to succeed and deliver on his promises. How many of us shy away from such affirmations. You need courage and belief to lead, and that is the good I am taking out of Trump’s victory.

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