Assistant Plant Manager, Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant


Been there: Natasja-Tez Brent has been working for Ford for just over 12 years. Brent has worked in the trade and manufacturing industry for just over 24 years. She worked at Cadbury’s prior to joining Ford Motor Company.

Done that: Natasja-Tez Brent is the Assistant Plant Manager at Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria – she is the first woman to hold this position at this plant. Brent has notched up a number of firsts in her career, all of them notable, given that the auto-industry is male dominated. After leaving school, she attended a trade college as one of the first female intakes in 1994. She then joined an engineering firm to practice her trade. She has overcome many challenges to reach her current success, including managing her dyslexia and the associated challenges that has come with it. Brent remains motivated to showcase her fine-tuned management skills and strengths as a woman leader in a man’s world.

Watch out: Brent is a manager of the future today. She already oversees three manufacturing areas that makes up the assembly plant in Silverton, namely the: Body Construction, Paint Shop, Trim Chassis and Final Assembly  line as well as the vehicle management and logistics. She is au fait with managing complex manufacturing processes and ensures that her team keeps a good watch over thousands of employees. Her ascent has been nothing less than exceptional – and if it’s anything to go by, great things are to come from this successful woman, leading in a ‘man’s world’.

Quote: Brent believes “Nothing is impossible you just need to believe – especially if it’s something you are passionate about”. She says: “You need to be persistent and love what you do. Study and work hard, give it your all, use every minute and make it count as tomorrow may not be there, so don’t wait and don’t let anyone stand in your way and tell you, you can’t, because you can! Remember who you are, your key beliefs and the objective’s and targets you have set for yourself and your dreams and then above all have fun doing it.”

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