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Inspiration from Facebook COO

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It started off with something inspiring, motivating and exciting. When I started reading Lean In For Graduates, written by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, I felt as though I could have written the book.

Her book really motivated me and inspired me to make a change in the work field, not only for myself but for all women across the globe.

When reading the novel, I always had a knowing grin on my face as what she said was based on reality and it felt good reading it knowing that someone out there actually is stating what women feel like in the corporate jungle.

This book speaks especially to women with low self esteem and low confidence. Sandberg speaks about us not being heard; for example, in the boardroom, when it is time to give ideas, women typically overflow with ideas but more often than not feel intimidated by all the power that men have, so that that they tend to back down and just stand in the corner and think to themselves “my idea was much better”.

Women work hard and are always multitasking, something most men are not able to do, yet all too often it is the men who get recognition and praise. Sandberg’s book will allow women readers to boost their self esteem and make a change in the world and career world.

She affirms that you can change who you are. The book also helps provides young women with a great deal of practical advice on how to handle any situation in the career world. Most companies tend to be male dominated, a self-reinforcing fact that gives men the upper hand: they often act as though they own women, but it does not have to be like that. The more women that stand up and voice their opinion, the more women there will be that feel the same way and that’s how women can make a change.

Sandberg illustrates her ideas with stories drawn from the daily reality of a great diversity of women, ranging from the workplace to mothers, daughters and housewives. The common denominator is how women feel and why and how that should be changed.

For example, it is common that when two people are married and both partners have great careers, the man will feel intimidated if the female earns more money than him, feeling that she can now control him and is independent. Of course women don’t need it to be like that but they also need to be more confident in life and voice their opinions so as to make a change, whether in a relationship or not. This approach will help women become stronger and stand their ground.

In conclusion, this book is really inspiring and I recommend it to every woman out there with low self esteem and in need of motivation. Reading this book made a change in my life; I now look at things in the career world from a different point of view.

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