Krypteum, the world’s first a.i enabled investment cryptocurrency launches internationally


KRYPTEUM is the world’s first artificial intelligence (A.I) powered investment cryptocurrency with the ability to trade itself using machine learning and A.I.  The Pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was in December 2017 and the ICO will end on the 31st of March 2018. The Coin is available internationally for investors to sign up and let the A.I technology make investments for them.

Priven Reddy, CEO of KRYPTEUM, says: “Nowhere, other than with KRYPTEUM, can you buy a cryptocurrency coin and have your investment managed by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.  This sophisticated tech ensures that KRYPTEUM’S trading strategies are always up to date and never become inefficient or obsolete. It also means that KRYPTEUM executes trades based on its own analysis without the need for any human interaction, input or approval”.

KRYPTEUM trades blockchain assets using an A.I based proprietary method of financial trading called Smart Volume Analysis (Smart VSA).  Smart VSA is a complex, self-reinforcing system based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that predict  cryptocurrency markets. Huge volumes of financial data are collected, stored, processed and analysed in order to constantly increase the accuracy of predictions.

This ground-breaking technology allows KRYPTEUM to provide a very low barrier to entry for investors.  This, coupled with the affordable minimum investment requirement of R1 480, means that KRYPTEUM offers investors an accessible, low risk cryptocurrency investment, with the potential for high rewards.

In the cryptocurrency market today there exist significant barriers to entry, such as multiple exchanges, multiple wallets, security considerations and the vast number of cryptocurrencies currently available. Says Reddy: “Complicated industry barriers often give the impression that the only way to invest in this space is to be a technology expert. However, KRYPTEUM has mitigated these barriers by creating an investment system that does all the hard, and smart, work for you.” 

The platform is an effort free way to engage with cryptocurrency, all with a minimal learning curve. The KRYPTEUM exchange platform only requires basic details to sign up.  “Operating the dashboard, placing investments and withdrawing funds is easier than navigating a Facebook profile,” adds Reddy.

 “Because KRYPTEUM is both a cryptocurrency and investment platform, it allows first time crypto investors to make a low risk first-time investment. We’re aware of all of the fraudulent and scam exchanges and ICO’s out there, which is why we’re committed to being transparent and have published a white paper on our website that details everything you need to know about the platform and Coin,” concludes Reddy.

KRYPTEUM is owned by Kagiso Interactive, an award-winning mobile app agency that has a background in A.I and machine learning and has built market credibility and confidence over 12 years of operation.

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