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These are turbulent times, riddled with uncertainty and unpredictability. Each day seems to present a fresh challenge. So how do you manage risk under the current economic, social and political climate? The answer for many of our clients is a secure offshore investment, with emigration benefits.

USA Investment Based Visas

For many, the USA represents the ultimate dream, offering seemingly endless economic opportunities, excellent university education for their children, and enormous diversity in terms of where and how they live.


If it’s US citizenship that you are after, then the EB5 programme is the right option for you. The required investment is US$ 900,000. We work with the developers of the Marriott Hotels group, so while your investment will be secured for 5 years, in a dollar-based investment earning 1.5% interest p.a, you and your family enjoy the benefits of green cards and ultimately US citizenship.

E2 Treaty Investor Visa:

If you and your family, would like to reserve the option of emigrating to the US, in the near or distant future, then the E2 visa, is probably the right option for you. Unfortunately, as South Africans, we do not qualify directly for the E2 visa, so the first step would be to secure Grenadian citizenship. The required investment is US$220,000. We work with the developers of the fantastic 6 Senses resorts, so while your investment will also be tied up for 5 years, it is in a secure dollar-based investment, while you and your family enjoy the benefits of a 2nd passport, along with visa-free travel, and the option to apply for an E2 visa whenever you are ready to relocate to the USA.

European Citizenship by Investment Programmes:


Cyprus, with fast processing times and low government contribution requirements, remains a popular choice for an investor looking to secure an EU passport and offers investors huge scope in terms of their investment. The required investment is EUR2 million, through a combination of Euro-based property and other investments, of which EUR500,000 needs to be in a residential property that is maintained indefinitely. Investors can expect their residency cards to be issued with 1 week of applying and their passports with 6 months. Only 1 visit to Cyprus is required and applicants are not required to pass a language test, to secure their passport. As EU passport holders, you and your family can live, work and travel freely throughout the EU, as well as enjoy visa-free travel to more than 171 destinations.


EU citizenship can be secure by investors into the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme, in just over 12 months, at a significantly lower value of EUR900,00. While EUR 650,000 is as a contribution, there is the security of a Euro-based investment through EUR150,000 investment in government bonds and either the purchase of a property for EUR350,000 or rental of property at EUR16,000 p.a. Like with the Cyprus programme, you and your family will be able to live, work and travel freely through the EU, and enjoy visa-free travel to more the 182 destinations. Investors will receive their residency card within 1 week and their passport after 12 months of submitting their applications.

For more information about those or to learn more about other euro-based investment options, that would give your family the benefit of EU residency, please contact Natalie Williams-Ashman on 021 001 2109 or

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