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Have you been on prescription medication or drugs for many years and your life is sometimes spinning out of control? At Exclusive Ibogaine SA we use pioneer medicine that has been registered as a Schedule (6) medicine in SA from 1 June 2016.

Ibogaine is only legal in a few countries in the world ie Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Gabon and some European states. It originated in Gabon, West Africa and has been used in Western society since the 70’s with remarkable life changing results. Ibogaine is a psychoactive plant that is acknowledged across the globe as an effective treatment to combat Substance Dependency, Drug addiction and provide a better life quality for those suffering from Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Pain,  Compulsive Behaviour and various other mental and physical disorders.

Ibogaine works on the Neuro-Transmitters in the brain, not only does it brake  physical dependencies to all kinds of drugs and stimulants but it also restores all the homeostasis of the body, serotonin and dopamine levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, sleeping disorders which ultimately play an integral part in a healthy body. On an emotional level this remarkable plant medicine bring powerful insights on personal and emotional issues, it resets the brain and restores life energy, realign those negative and self defeating emotions and acts like a defrag of traumatic experiences.

This 36 hour journey has also been described as a life time of therapy with the best psychologists - our sub-conscious minds. During this time a life overview might come to the mind’s eye like in an awaking dream state. In an objective way traumatic life experiences might be revisited and a sense of peace, letting go and life changing introspection and insight will replace the devastating memories.

Our Clinic provides a Five Day Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification Therapy and Treatment Program under medical supervision and with the attendance of our qualified personnel

Our Program Director, Anita Viviers is the clinic’s Founder and General Manager and has more than 4 years experience as an Ibogaine Treatment Facilitator with over 500 successful treatments under her personal supervision. A success rate of 60-70% has been documented in breaking substance dependency and treating mental disorders. Together with our Stress Consultant  who help overcome trauma, anger, depression, grief and loss, fears and phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, relationship issues etc. with 11 years experience.

Exclusive Ibogaine SA follows the guidelines provided by The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) and in accordance to the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy: Screening, Safety, Monitoring & Aftercare - Second Revision by Howard S. Lotsof & Boaz Wachtel and are modelled on the best practices of an ever-evolving body of knowledge.

Pre-admission procedures  The first step is to complete our Application form supplied by our office. 

You are requested to visit your GP for a Stress ECG, Liver and Kidney Function Test & Pregnancy Test – if female and submit them via e-mail, these tests need to be  approved by our Medical Practitioner at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

The Five Day Ibogaine Program gets individually designed and consists of:

  • A full flood dose of Ibogaine according to our dosing guidelines with compliance to the Ibogaine Alliance.
  • Psychological and Life Coaching sessions with our accredited counsellors.
  • A uniquely designed nutritional recovery program.
  • Reintegration Recovery Program consisting of workshops and practices such as Vision Board & Life Purpose Workshop, Stress Management, Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology 
  • Educational group sessions and various social-integration activities.

What makes Exclusive Ibogaine SA Clinic unique is providing a safe and professional treatment environment with our experienced and well-trained staff. We provide individually designed recovery programs for our patients. A specially tailored Re-integration Recovery Program that equips our patients with the skills necessary to deal with life challenges in a constructive manner for relapse prevention.

Anita Viviers – 082 672 5372

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