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Health: our biggest asset


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) stats, the current population of South Africa stands at 56.72-million people. The life expectancy at birth in South Africa for males and females is 60/67, while the probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births) is 37. Though this is certainly not terrible, the statistics become grimmer as one digs out more information.

The most serious health challenge in South Africa is the high prevalence of HIV. The country has the highest number of people living with HIV of any country, and the fourth-highest adult HIV prevalence rate in the world, which is a grave concern.

Strides have been made and we are generally sailing in the right direction. However, more still has to be done. Cancer, tuberculosis and malaria are other key health diseases devastating the South African and African populace. Focused interventions are needed in the South African health sector as the logistics around health intervention programmes are the biggest hindrance.

The focus of this edition of Leadership magazine is on health (longevity), the evolving scourge of cybercrime and a look at the national elections coming up. We also explore the recently released municipal audits report (which are not too encouraging) and the private and public sector partnerships.

The secret to immortality has been sought for ages. So far, no tangible solution (or potion) has been revealed, as myths, legends and various concoctions have been formulated, all to no avail—as far as we officially know.

Perhaps the secret to longevity (and maybe immortality) lies in us investing in our health, which is our biggest asset as human beings. A healthy body feeds the soul. Good eating habits here, enough sleep there, exercise and enough medical check-ups as we trudge along should at least keep us going in the right direction.

As we get into election season, let’s invest our time in our health, as this may prove increasingly necessary. Read, enjoy and, above all, take in all the lessons put forward.

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