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Moruleng Development Consultants and Construction CC t/a Moruleng Mining is a 100% South African black owned contract mining company whose vision is to be a progressive company in the provision of contract mining services in South Africa. The company was established in 2008 by Mr M.E Makgoga, who takes pride in promoting sustainable working relationships with the company’s clients, stakeholders and the communities they serve.

Mining in South Africa dates back as far as 1867 when a man by the name of Erasmus Jacobs first discovered a diamond on the banks of the Orange River, which led to the discovery of the pipes in Kimberly then the gold rush to Barberton. Since then a significant proportion of the country’s economy has been built on gold and diamond mining, the mining sector contributes immensely through foreign exchange earnings and Gold accounts for more than a third of exports.

Mining has been dominating South Africa’s political, social and economic landscape. In 2018 the sector contributed R351 billion to the South African gross domestic product. A total of 456,438 people were employed in the mining sector in 2018 and each person employed in the mining sector has up to nine dependents. Many aspects allow this sector to efficiently maximise on its full potential, and among them is Moruleng Mining. Owned and managed by Mamogodi Emanuel Makgoga who resides in Burgersfort, Maandagshoek next to the Modikwa Platinum Mine.

Moruleng Development Consultants and Construction is registered as a closed corporation under the closed corporations Act of 1988. They seek to be a service-oriented firm, innovative and committed to continuous quality improvement. Their mission is to continue enhancing and maintaining the performance capacity of their team through continued professional support, maintaining the highest ethical standards, improving and complying with health and safety standards and environmental regulations whilst establishing a great communication system between the company and its clients.

What differentiates Moruleng Mining from its competition is its company management, which is supported by an integrated quality management system that underpins every aspect of its operations. By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations, it has bound together the full value chain of a mining contract company, thus embedding the concept of a triple bottom line management culture. This is central to reinforcing sustainability and delivering high quality outcomes to all stakeholders.

Moruleng Mining understands the enormous amount of working logistics that go into operating a mine and provides professional and prompt mining contracting services. They have expertise and resources to undertake surface and hard rock mining. Every service they handle has been tried and tested and their skills base and on site experience guarantee a profitable project.

They prioritize innovation and believe being at the fore front of technological development is one of the most crucial aspects that can give clients a competitive edge. The company is always seeking ways to enable collaborative solutions that drive real change, working together to achieve their goals. A diverse set of skills and team ensures that there is a continuous flow of positive energy within the company.

The company offers a wide variety of services: Open cast mining, a surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by removal from an open pit or borrow. Bulk material handling, this is an engineered field that is centered on the design of equipment used for the handling of dry materials such as ores, coals, sand, gravel and stone in loose bulk foam.

Rehabilitation aimed at mitigating the adverse environmental effects of modern mining, in cases such as open pit mining may require movement of significant volumes of rock. Roof support provides a means of temporary support mitigating overburden in longwall mining operations, it is sometimes referred to as powered roof supports or hydraulic chocks or shields. Which are used in sets to stabilize and advance longwall systems across the face of a coal seam.

Metal picking is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities such as stains, rust or scale from ferrous metals, copper, precious metals and aluminum alloys. A solution called pickle liquor, which usually contains acid is used to remove the surface impurities. Recovery of fines is also an area the company specializes in.

Since its inception the company has conducted facilitation and consulting for Corridor Mining between 2008-2013. Materials handling work under Zizwe Opencast Mining (PTY) Ltd for Anglo American at their Modikwa Platinum Mine in 2012. In December 2016 they got the opportunity to form a joint venture with the Roka Malepe Community, Moruleng as the lead party was awarded a 3-year contract to mine andalusite by Imerys Minerals at its Segorong Mine. This contract started in January 2017 and were successfully completed. They look forward to collaborating with Imerys Minerals beyond the initial three-year period, based on their respectable performance.

Moruleng Mining is currently operating at Modikwa Platinum Mine, doing civil construction jobs that includes the construction and equipping of travelling ways, installation of winches and mono winches, and the installation of ventilation and water controls.

Moruleng’s hand extends beyond business, they are also involved in socio-economic development projects.

Their socio-economic development (SED) strategy is centered around empowering the communities in their project catchment areas with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives. Apart from dedicated contracted projects, Moruleng Mining aims to spend 1%of its net profit after tax on community projects and non-profit organisations.

The group’s SED programme has three key focus areas: Education and training – which will especially focus on the up-skilling of community members for future employment at Moruleng Mining or elsewhere within the mining industry.

A good example is Manawe Secondary school, the school from one of the local communities they operate in was vandalised in 2017 during a student protest and the company renovated buildings and repaired all the windows that were damaged during the protests.

In January 2018, three schools: Manawe Secondary School, Kanama Secondary School and Phuthinare Secondary School were nominated to present their best grade 12 graduates to receive a payment of R25,000 each towards their tertiary studies.

This event was given first class treatment and was hosted at Thaba Moshate Hotel, the gratitude the mining company received was so overwhelming that they plan to make this an annual event.

Social development: this entails investing in community development programmes such as bringing clean drinking water to communities (boreholes) and self-sustaining agricultural programmes.

In April 2017 Moruleng Mining identified the huge distances community members had to travel, especially those in outlying rural areas to get access to basic things such as internet, scanning, faxing and copying.

The company installed a fully equipped copy center at the Roka Malepe community to make these services accessible and cost effective.The third is Economic Development: they will be paying special attention to promoting and creating sustainable procurement channels for community businesses to supply products and services to Moruleng Mining.

Moruleng Mining is the epitome of vision intertwined with purpose and impacting lives through executing one’s passion.

They prioritise the services they provide and the communities they operate in because at the end of the day it is not just about making huge sums of profit and growing the country’s GDP, empowerment has to extend towards enabling those who do not have the necessary resources to help them evolve and serve their purpose.

Moruleng Mining would like to thank the following entities and their representatives respectively, Mr Patrice Motsepe from African Rainbow Minerals, Mr Vishnu Pillay from Anglo American and Mr Hendrik Jones from Imerys Minerals for giving them the opportunity to grow and prove themselves to the world. They wish that all SMEs, specifically black and underprivileged society be given the same treatment.

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