Faselis, the software and services provider to the PR industry


Faselis, the software and services provider to the PR industry, has plans to radically change the sector, by offering a range of new generation platform and cloud-based tools. The company has established its new hub in South Africa to oversee its African expansion plans.

 Faselis, the technologic service provider to the PR industry, has established an office in South Africa from where it plans to grow its business on the African continent. The company vows to transform PR firms and corporate communications by offering them a range of new generation cloud-based tools and services. Its brand new media and customer relations management platform aims to boost productivity and the quality of media relations services offered by PR companies, as well as addressing their common problems.

"Faselis drastically improves the quality of all PR professionals’ media-based processes, with respect to speed, efficiency and productivity in completely new way", said the CEO and co-founder Aydin Sun. Faselis is committed to leading the evolution of the industry by providing the necessary tools that will help PR companies to adapt to the new media environment, save time and cut back costs.

“We are not talking about default media data which should be up-to-date but a range of services that will shake up the entire industry, changing how companies interact with both their clientele, and with the media,” Sun remarked. The company has been working on South African media data for over a year, he said, explaining that a team has been constantly updating its database. While South Africa will be the hub for Faselis' African expansion, the company also has offices in The Netherlands and Turkey, he added.

 Unique business model

Faselis is committed to bringing a brand new business model to the industry which generally works on a model using retainer fees. The company's new platform allows PR agencies and freelancers to control their budgets on an individual client basis, offering them a fixed monthly price for each brand serviced. Agencies and freelancers simply sign up the brands to their account and in return gain access to the database allowing them to send an unlimited number of press releases to an unlimited number of press contacts, with the added function of being able to add unlimited high resolution attachments as required.

This model brings no additional charges and gives the agencies the ability to see what individual costs per client and to minimize these costs whilst maximizing productivity. In addition it offers agencies the chance to sign new clients and brands or to end an existing account whenever they need, and to only charge for the period of usage.

Simple and easy usage

Since the growth of online and social media, the need for a wider distribution of press releases has increased. Faselis has developed an infrastructure that makes it is possible for PR professionals to send press releases with unlimited high resolution images, videos and large files to hundreds or thousands of press contacts instantly through the secured Faselis platform. Moreover, every single mail can be customized according to the sender or the receiver as required, including the name of the sender and a given e-mail address, complete with a customized message for the recipient.

Best of all these large attachments don't overload the recipient's inbox. The mail itself includes only text with thumbnails of the original images and videos which allow the recipient to choose whether or not they download the high resolution originals. And for the sender, the platform allows real time monitoring of the identity and quantity of those reading the mails, how many downloads are made and how many stories are then shared on social media.

The only journalist-friendly solution

Faselis has something to offer the media professionals as well. As a former journalist himself, Faselis founder and CEO Aydin Sun has also addressed the needs of the media. The journalist-friendly PR platform offers safeguards to help prevent the receiving of spam messages and allows journalists to set up the area of interests in order to filter the incoming messages. Journalists and other opinion formers who receive press releases can establish preferences and block senders simply by clicking a link. This ensures that right information reaches the right people, without their being inundated with unwanted e-mails.

According to Sun, Faselis is now working on a new version of the platform that will truly revolutionize the industry. “Our software team is working around the clock to develop a platform that won’t only be used in media relations, but to enable the management of all PR processes,” he said. Adding that the company has plans to launch new cloud-based multi-platform features by the end of 2016.


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