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Consistency breeds glory


Four-hundred editions! For anything to be done 400 times, there needs to be a clear focus, plan and a strong will to make things happen. Leadership magazine embodies these elements. From the days of Hugh Murray, to Robbie Stammers, up until today, Leadership magazine has been a consistent and influential media platform in South Africa. Well done to everyone who has taken it this far. It has been a worthwhile journey and the magazine’s staying power is a testament to the hard work and determination behind the scenes.

Eight years ago, while completing my postgraduate Honours Degree in Media, Journalism and Philosophy (B.Phil) at Stellenbosch University, I had the pleasure of meeting Royston Lamond (our guest Publisher for this issue), who was the Publisher of the famous Leadership magazine at the time. As he addressed our selected class of 20 speaking about the current state of the media, business-to-business publishing and the future of media in South Africa, it hit me. This was for me; this was the type of media sector that would get me excited. After his address, I managed to have a 2-minute chat, which resulted in me receiving his promise to link me with the then award-winning Editor of the magazine, Robbie Stammers.

This was a big deal, as I had heard of Stammers and was generally fascinated by his work. The week before I completed my studies, I managed to get hold of Lamond who confirmed my audience with Stammers. Bright-eyed, thirsty for knowledge and exposure, and praying for an opportunity to prove my capabilities, I had a fantastic meeting with Stammers and secured an internship at the oldest and most prestigious magazine title in South Africa. It was a big deal.

Three years later, I was the Deputy Editor of this famous magazine. Today, after some fantastic awards in my industry, it has all come full circle as I am the proud Editor of this title, with my mentor and business partner, Robbie Stammers, as a Consulting Editor. It is a big deal.

As we celebrate our 400th issue, I will quote the Tabbie’s judges’ note when awarding Leadership magazine the silver medal for the best editorial feature in 2013 (Sleeping with the Enemy, written by Miriam Mannak). ”This masterfully written and compelling feature ventures to where few features dare to journey: to a recent massacre in its own country. The reporting and research are superb. The story brings the tragedy to life but goes beyond just a news rehash.”

As I begin my tenure, the focus and aim will be to produce more work of this quality and to keep pushing the boundaries in our niche. Read, enjoy and celebrate with us.

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