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A decade of ethical leadership ahead


Racism, load-shedding, corruption, state capture, South African Airways (yes SAA) and many other rather grim words (and entities) have been associated with our past decade. The fourth estate, the media in South Africa have been accused of fuelling panic and chaos among the ranks, the main political parties have been accused of dividing the nation. And the ruling party has been fingered as the responsible hand in all this carrying on with very little sign of it abating.

What is one to make of all this? Put simply, the past decade was hard. Socially, economically and dare I say psychologically. Within all this strife simple facts are easy to forget. Facts like: South Africa is one of the youngest democracies in the world, South Africa is one of the few countries on the continent where elections are not marred by voting irregularities or army involvement but a rather smooth change of power. Above all, SA has a new leadership team at the helm.

There are problems, and those problems will not be solved overnight. The problems to be dealt with cannot and will not be solved by one entity or individual. As we have entered this new decade let us all pledge as a nation and continent that we are committed to building a better today and tomorrow. Let there be less finger-pointing and more proactive action. In place of anger and nonchalance let’s have empathy and communion. An African proverb notes: Together we stand and divided we fall.

We wish the best of luck to the new executive under the stewardship of the Honourable President, Cyril Ramaphosa. The problems are many but the nation trusts you to solve them. Thuma mina you asked. The nation listened and is behind you today. Alexander the great once remarked; “I would rather face an army of lions led by a sheep than an army of sheep led by a lion.” May the leadership take us forward as we support them. At Leadership Magazine we will strive to look at all through the lens of Ubuntu and ethical leadership in this new era.

The winds of change of this new decade have blown through the HQ of Leadership Magazine. A new Sales Project Manager has been appointed, young, tenacious and highly experienced. Congratulations to our new Leadership Magazine Project Manager, Mandla Mangena, a well-deserved appointment as we enter this new era. Mandla comes with a wealth of experience and will certainly assist us in our quest to remain South Africa’s leading business magazine.

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