by Evans Manyonga

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Not long ago, the country was in a state of semi-euphoria. The euphoria was dubbed Ramaphoria/Ramafever. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s elevation to the Presidency was greeted with widespread joy, relief and hope. Hope for the future of the motherland and a newfound belief in the system.

Subsequently, anti-corruption teams have been set up and cases of misappropriation of funds seem to be getting more attention than they got in previous years. The Special Tribunal is the latest structure set up to enforce prosecution and asset recovery cases passed by the state’s Special Investigating Unit. Corrupt activities at the highest levels of our society just might now have real consequences and prosecutions.

Though it is still too early to judge the effectiveness of the change of guard, what is undeniable is there has been a positive change and the markets seem to agree to a certain extent. After all, unlike mere mortals, numbers don’t lie.

On 26 February, President Ramaphosa proclaimed 8 May as the date for the national and provincial elections. Electioneering and vote hunting is now in full swing as a vibrant democracy ups the ante. It will be an interesting time.

The most efficient engines are not always the loudest. The most efficient engines also operate under the most difficult conditions. This resilience separates the mediocre from the world-class. Finance Minister Tito Mboweni recently tabled his budget vote in the National Assembly. The core points focused on clamping down errant state-owned companies and reducing the public sector wage bill, which is swelling by the day. There will be resistance and perhaps even from within. However, as an efficient engine operates, we hope those tasked with turning the economy around will be able to ignore the noise around them (loud as it may be) and deliver on their mandates.

This edition of Leadership has a strong focus on mining. Illegal mining has cast a dark shadow on the countries landscape and the recent Gloria mine tragedy has turned the scrutiny and focus back to safety standards and lawlessness at some of the most productive mines in South Africa. Mining is a strong sector in the economy and the main focus should be ensuring productivity increases while law and order are maintained to avoid cases like this tragedy.

As we present this edition to you while entering into unchartered territory where electioneering will be at full tilt, let us not forget that the most efficient engine is not always the loudest. We will all be listening silently.

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