From explaining to experiencing


You don't need to explain things; just be. You don't need to explain life; just live it. We are far too invested in explanations and, in that, we are disconnected from simple knowing.

We are lost in logic and out of touch with experience. If we can't explain something, it becomes either illegitimate or cause for concern. We need answers. However, real living is in the mysterious and the unfathomable, not the explicable. Rather than think, stay existential. Stay mystified in full awareness.

The universe and beyond that cannot be explained. How can the head get a handle on the whole? It's like the drop trying to understand the ocean. It is the ocean, so it needs to be what it is. Knowing will arise naturally. The urge to get your head around the mystery will just give you a headache from too much thinking. And a bigger ego.

Understanding is reached through stillness. The need to explain stems from the assumption of separation, which is strengthened by seeking and explaining. The ego seeks and separates. The mind explains.

Someone who knows everything, who incessantly volunteers explanations for everything, does so from insecurity. As you grow roots, you become more hesitant to talk because you begin to really know with your being. Here explanations fall short or are falsities or cover ups. You prefer to be increasingly open.

The more open you are, the more rooted you become and the less you need to analyse. The less you explain, the happier you are, the more relaxed you are, the more insightful you are and the more grounded you are in your whole being.

About the author: Robin Wheeler is an international speaker, consultant and author. This is an excerpt from Truer Insights, the fourth book in his INSIGHTS series on ‘being yourself for a living’.

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