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Your guiding principle in business and in life should be your happiness. We are raised to prioritise all sorts of other things, with little if any sense of what happiness even is. Then we die having missed life, writes Robin Wheeler, 

We are taught, for example, that money brings happiness. The people who teach us this are neither happy, nor do they have money, but in the absence of better role models, we follow what they say. We go against ourselves and sacrifice joy for money. In the absence of happiness we have little impetus to really make money, and even if we do, we feel cheated because we are devoid of inner wealth.

Happiness should be at the centre. Happiness actually comes from the centre, from being centred. If we proceed from a position of happiness and prioritise it along the way, we will live well and make money doing so.

Start a business that makes you happy. Invest your time, effort and ingenuity into bringing more and more joy to the world, via your own bliss. Arrange the mechanisms of trade around that. Happiness is from the heart. Wisdom is from the heart. Intuition is felt in the heart. Connection with other people happens through the heart. Business should be from the heart.

Your business should lead you closer to your true nature. It is your greatest opportunity to realise your potential, to be of service to the world, to live a full life and to leave a meaningful legacy.

One of the main reasons so many new businesses “fail” is that people don’t know who they are and what they want. They set out in the dark to do something vague and intuitive in a world of noise and distraction. It often takes a number of “failed” attempts for them to find themselves and hit on the vein of gold in their lives.

People who do this, who “succeed” against the odds, then become icons to others because we all long to find the sweet spot where our spiritual and material lives meet up. Spiritual entrepreneurs are people who show the way.

If we all put happiness at the centre of our lives and build businesses based on it, we will soon find ourselves in a much happier world.

Robin Wheeler

About the writer

Robin Wheeler Robin Wheeler speaks internationally, runs corporate consulting projects, and is author of the INSIGHTS series of books. Above is an extract from his book Truer Insights. Wheeler will be making regular contributions to Leadership magazine and Leadership online over the next few months. 

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