How’s Business?

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Are you doing what's good for business or what's right for you? Is there a discrepancy between the two?

People live on such a superficial level. 'How's business?’ If it’s good then life is as it should be. If it’s bad then work harder, change strategy, cut costs and sell more by outwitting the competition. Is increasing income all there is to living? Or does it really not matter much?

Does perceived difficulty open your eyes and heart to what matters or do you just do more business? Is it all you can think and talk about, or is there room for the ultimate in your field of inner vision?

After a reshuffle, are you now working for the opposition because they pay more and have perkier perks? Have you married for money? Are you paying the price?

What's right for you is good for business otherwise you are in the wrong business. You need one that is an extension and an expression of who you are. It must grow with you, deeper and wiser. It must be drawn up into the now, just as you are, becoming more and more alive. Business is secondary at most, being is primary at least.

Is selling more important than spirit? Is productivity taking precedent over presence? Is strategy superseding intelligence? Are you aggressive or aware? Are you living in love? I’m just asking.

Robin Wheeler 

* This is an excerpt from Truer Insights, the fourth book in his INSIGHTS series on ‘being yourself for a living’ by international speaker, consultant and author, Robin Wheeler 

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