Biotech Inspired Cosmeceuticals


"After 5 years of intensive research, development and testing, it is thrilling to see the vision of Root2Tub come to fruition," says Kekeletso Khena, CEO of K Squared Group Pty Ltd. "We have leveraged our team's expertise in scientifically formulated hair, scalp, bath and body products with efficacious ingredients and brand management experience to design a line of advanced scalp, hair, bath and body products that celebrate Africa’s emerging biotech inspired cosmeceuticals.

Firmly grounded on the philosophy of I am because you are, Root2Tub’s business ethos is built on the understanding that our sustainability depends on the sustainability of others and the planet. “This is why we chose a zero-investment direct distribution business model that responds to continent’s challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment, which we believe will create opportunities for youth employment and business ownership” says Ms Khena.

The brand launch is accompanied by a new e-commerce website, which will feature the 24 Root2tub’s inaugural hair, scalp, bath and body product range.

For more information on the Root2Tub product range, please contact us as per below

Kekeletso Khena -072 814 1331, or visit or connect with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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