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Henley Business School Dean, Jon Foster-Pedley, will be attending the lecture
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An informative lecture called  'Authentic Leadership: Knowing your Strengths and Leveraging them for Success' by two Henley UK lecturers, Dr. Kevin Money and Carola Hillenbrand, will be taking place at the Premier Cape Manor Hotel in Seapoint, Cape Town, on 16 April 2013.

In this interactive workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your strengths and the match between your strengths and the demands of your work. The workshop builds upon Henley’s latest research in the area of positive psychology. You will have an opportunity to benchmark yourself against an international sample of managers and also network with leaders who have worked with Henley over the last 20 years.
These events are also part of the MBAid programme taking place with six NGO’s and 32 Henley UK students, who will be working together as part of this initiative during next week. On Friday 19th, the team presentations on behalf of the students and NGO’s involved, will be held at Premier Cape Manor Hotel. The NGO’s in question are Bright Start, The Clothing Bank, Iziko Museums, Ihata Shelter, The Haven and New Kidz.

The event organisers say one of the principal ideas behind MBAid is to give the NGO a fresh perspective, by bringing in a group of people (students) who are unattached to the outcomes of the organisation and are unencumbered by the NGO’s history. "These people bring new insights and engage with the NGO in such a way that brings about the transfer of valuable skills and knowledge. It’s not about students raising funds for the organisation; it’s about how the organisation can become more sustainable through strategic engagement.

"Vital to MBAid’s success is that the NGO wants to be part of a learning, engaging, growing process. Therefore, we encourage the civil society sector to invite NGOs to apply to participate in the programme. When selecting NGOs, we take into consideration factors such as size, their ability to engage, the legitimacy of the project and the safety of the environment for students," the Henley Business School says.

And are you leading yourself and others to your maximum potential? Do you know what your real strengths are? Are your skills and abilities put to the best use in the work you do? Do you have a purpose in the work you do? If you doubt any of these question, look no further, as the workshop will leave you with practical insights to improve your leadership skills and that of your organisation. 

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