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Elash Mistry, Africa's first blind actuary and a Team Leader at Old Mutual: “Thanks to Leadership magazine I was able to inspire many people, both with and without sight, with my story.  This is an example of how media can play its part in bringing about change and uplifting those who consume the content presented.

"One of the reasons for me opting for a career in Actuarial Science was to open up doors for other blind people so that their choices are not limited to operating a switchboard, singing or becoming a lawyer.  Leadership Magazine has certainly helped to make this possible by spreading the word once I qualified as an Actuary.  I have faith that this good work will continue well into the future, thereby guaranteeing the success of this magazine.”

Professor Owen Skae, Director of Rhodes Business School and Leadership columnist: “There is no doubt that everything starts and ends with leadership. Leaders fascinate, infuriate, inspire and often get it wrong. I often reflect on this as it would be incorrect to generalise, but contemporary leadership has much to consider about their role. Perhaps the weight of expectation is too much, or we have allowed accountability to be thrown aside. Whatever the reason though, there are too many unscrupulous and mediocre leaders in positions of real authority who continue to cause damage and harm when we know that it could all be different.

“On the bright side though, the sentiment is changing. People in all walks of life are saying are saying enough is enough. The call for integrity and honesty is being heard. Hopefully those leaders who are authentic and have a dedication to serve will heed the call and step forward regardless of their own personal interest. I can’t always say I plan a particular article, but most times they are triggered by an adverse event, which I then try to counteract with what needs to be done and what is right. The readers appreciate this.

“Leadership magazine provides an incredibly diverse and illuminating overview of great stories that give insight at all levels of leadership. There will always be a takeaway form each edition that will challenge, inspire or confirm what each of us needs to do.”

Warren Ingram, highly respected Executive Director of Galileo Capital: “My articles are focussed on investments and the broader financial services industry. I aim to provide some perspective and education on markets in a way that allows people to ignore much of the noise found in social media and even in the mainstream media. By ignoring the noise and focussing on specific issues, I feel people can be empowered to make smart decisions about their money.

“I like contributing to Leadership because it provides proper insights from those in business and leadership positions. I gain real value from people who have proper experience and are willing to share that experience with others - that is what I find in Leadership.”

Ernest Corbett, Owner of Tintswalo luxury lodges: “Thank you for such a light and informative article. My family now reckon I am a hero.”

Bontle Mnisi, Account Executive, Change the Conversation SA: "Thank you so much once again for such a great article, we have received a copy of the Leadership magazine. I love how you have outlined the challenges in Africa's oil and gas industry. It is a very informative and well-written article. The thought leadership articles in the magazine are also very interesting and insightful."

Emily Gray, Olympian and motivational speaker: “I first had the pleasure of working with Leadership magazine in 2014 when Dave Capel wrote an amazing article on me regarding my performance at the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games. I was then invited to be a part of the 2015 Old Mutual Leaders under 30 panel discussion in which we discussed focus, disciplined and the dedication it takes to become a young leader in South Africa. “When I began writing my own articles on health and wellness I felt compelled and proud to contribute my articles to a magazine that has contributed to my personal and professional life. I had the pleasure of working with Gregory Simpson who continued the great professionalism of Leadership Magazine that I have always known.”

Leadership columnist, René Carayol (MBE), is an acclaimed business and leadership speaker, broadcaster, broadsheet columnist and author: “Leadership Magazine has continued to campaign for better leadership across the continent by sharing real stories and case studies of those who are making a difference by their authentic leadership. We all need positive role models, and Leadership Magazine has excelled at bringing them to our offices and our homes, with intimate and tangible insights on how they do what they do.

“Its writers bring a diverse and refreshing look at new age African leadership from all disciplines and industries. It sets out to ensure that there is always something that appears to have been published just for you and your particular leadership challenge. We as writers are encouraged to take a holistic look at those who are at the top of their chosen professions and those who are starting out, from the rookies to the experienced and learning from both their achievements and their mistakes. We know that “good leaders create followers and great leaders create leaders”; Leadership Magazine is a great leader.

Peter van Kets, Leading extreme adventurer, bestselling author, motivational speaker and family man: "During the time I took off over December, my family and I did a road trip across the centre of South Africa to Koingnaas on the Namaqualand Coast. We drove through many beautiful places and was once again reminded of the diverse cultural, geographical and historical beauty of this wonderful country of ours. We stopped at Graaff Reinet and decided to visit one of the many museums dotted around the town. A section inside this particular museum was dedicated to Robert Sobukwe.

“The centre piece of the display was a photograph of his tombstone with the following inscribed on it. “True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character – courage and fearlessness – and above all, a consuming love for one's people.”  Clearly the loss of Robert Sobukwe and this type of leadership ethos was a great tragedy for South Africa. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on and it does so through outlets like the Leadership Magazine.

The ethos that Robert Sobukwe advocated is the same ethos that is prevalent within the leadership Magazine. It has been an honour for me to share space in publications with such esteemed South Africans and thought leaders. Contributing to this magazine as a professional adventurer and explorer has allowed me the opportunity to bring to life some of the great leadership lessons I have learned during my expeditions.

“For the past decade of my life I have taken part in and led many expeditions to some of the most remote desolate and beautiful parts of the planet, and the lessons I have learned are astonishingly transferable to the world of business leadership, sales, marketing and finance. Vision, passion, grit, calculated risk taking, survival, collaboration, discipline, leadership, precise planning are as important in the boardroom as they are in the wilderness….although of course an error in the boardroom may not result in your death. I look forward to sharing some of these principles with you in future publications. Thank you Leadership Magazine”

Lars J Fischedick, top international fine artist: "What an awesome article. Very well written, and you listened carefully. This is an amazing exposure for me. Thank you Gregory!"


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