INSPIRED EVOLUTION Inspired Evolution partners with Alten Africa to develop, construct and operate utility-scale solar PV Power Stations across sub-Saharan Africa
Inspired Evolution has signed a deal to invest up to USD36 million in Alten RE Developments Africa B.V., the sub-Saharan Africa-focused subsidiary of Alten Energías
07 Feb 2018
AFRICA OIL AND GAS REVIEW Africa’s oil and gas industry needs to ‘learn to leapfrog’ and harness innovation and technology to stay ahead of the competition
PwC recently published its annual Africa Oil and Gas Review entitled ‘Learning to Leapfrog’. It factors in the views of oil and gas industry participants operating in
08 Jan 2018 - C. B. / P. A. A. O. &. G. L.
Customer services Thinking that you know, then you don’t (#TheStruggleisReal)
Simone Ardagh, Effective Intelligence Customer Engagement Connoisseur and Evangelist, says that a new era of marketing has arrived – out with personalised, in with
12 May 2016
Business You need to integrate your business solutions. Here’s why
Accounting, payroll & HR and payments are at the heart of any business. By integrating this golden triangle of business processes and systems, organisations can reduce manual
11 May 2016
Final word on courage Having guts or balls is not the same
Have you ever though about why the saying ‘having guts’ and ‘having balls’, so often associated with courage (or the lack thereof), is far from being the same thing?
26 Jul 2013
Why sport coaches become worn-out Coaches carry heavy loads
In the era of professional sport, coaches are regularly replaced. But coaches have always had to carry heavy and important loads, going back to the 15th century.
19 Jul 2013
Final word on puritans and compromise Uneasy bedfellows
When it comes to resolving conflicts and disputes involving divergent interests or beliefs, compromise becomes virtually impossible if puritans are involved.
16 Jul 2013 - P. C.
When tit for tat turns bloody There is more than one way to describe the trade union war
The competition between the National Union of Mineworkers and the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union for dominance at platinum mines in the North West Province has all the signs of 'tit for tat'.
14 Jun 2013 - P. C.
The lock, the stock and the barrel Relocation calls for rotgut whiskey
If you, like me, soon have to move house or relocate ‘lock, stock and barrel’, you are in a more hazardous situation than you may realise.
28 May 2013 - P. C.
Memories that last Words most often capture the past
When you find yourself in 'seventh heaven' because the girl of your dreams agreed to a date or you condemn someone to 'burn in eternal hell' for stealing her from you
19 Apr 2013 - P. C.
Understanding CAR involvement A case of bunkum rather than clear-cut arguments
It is, even now, not quite clear if all members of the South African National defence force (SANDF) have left the Central African Republic (CAR) after the embarrassing outcome of the military mission
16 Apr 2013 - P. C.
Celebrating international Rum Day When getting drunk was literally to your good health
If you are one of those people who believe that it was the colonists who settled at the most southern tip of Africa – and especially those un-godly French Huguenots who joined them
05 Apr 2013 - P. C.
What's in a name? Easter celebrations and a funeral policy
Most of us have just had a lovely break over the Easter weekend and some of us attended church to celebrate and commemorate the resurrection of Christ, or the Passover
01 Apr 2013 - P. C.
Final word on the Pope Oldest election process in the world has interesting history
Earlier this month, the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church went into their conclave for the most enduring election process in history, to elect a new pope as the head of the church.
26 Mar 2013 - P. C.
Will the real mugu please stand up? But try not to be a mugu
“Don’t be a mugu!” exclaims a voice in the background of an advertisement currently on television.
18 Mar 2013 - P. C.

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